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Apply For The 2021 Apprentice Teacher Internship Now

  • Internship Name: 2021 Apprentice Teacher
  • Internship Awarding Body: Nova Pioneer
  • Deadline for Applications: Unspecified

Summary of Internship

Nova Pioneer needs a highly talented Apprentice Teacher to educate pre-primary and primary school pupils of Grades 000 – 7 at their Campus in Midrand, South Africa.

The school is searching for individuals in the 3rd / 4th year of their BEd certification or individuals who will complete their PGCE in 2021, with aspirations to teach. Successful applicants will be part of a team of individuals deeply committed to providing a sound education to pupils.

Apprentice teachers work hand-in-hand with the resident teachers to educate students using an inquiry method of learning. Also, they help manage classrooms and provide instructional support and drive the learning environment in the Nova Pioneer way.

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Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for this position, applicants are expected to:

  • Be running a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and starting the year as a 3rd or 4th-year student. A Bachelor’s and PGCE combination is also welcomed.
  • Not be qualified as a teacher at the start of the year (2021).
  • Have specialization in ECD (Grades 000 – 00) or Foundation Phase (Grades R-3)
  • Be SACE registered
  • Possess English and Mathematics teaching experience or knowledge of the curriculum. An experience in Singapore maths and THRASS (English) Ideal but not mandatory
  • Knowledge Cambridge curriculum objectives will be advantageous
  • Have relevant specialist subjects in the University or solid understanding to teach grades 4 – 6ubjects such as History, Science, Isizulu, and others.

Eligible Countries

This opportunity is currently open at Midrand, South Africa.

Age restrictions


Gender restrictions

All genders are encouraged to apply.

Other Requirements

In addition to the requirements as mentioned above, applicants are also expected to:

  • Have good communication skills
  • Love teaching
  • Have a demonstrable understanding of children
  • Be willing to learn and improve
  • Be a good team player.
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Value of Internship

During the period or apprenticeship, successful applicants will be mentored by a resident teacher who will help them grow and improve. This is a paid position that has the potential to take apprentice teachers to the position of resident teachers if they qualify.

Application Procedures

To apply, follow the link to the Nova Pioneer official page. There, you’d be required to fill in contact and personal details and upload documents such as your CV.

Note: submit CV in pdf formats.

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