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Apply For The Accelerator Internship Program


  • Internship Name: Accelerator Internship Program
  • Internship Awarding Body: Access Bank
  • Deadline for Applications: Unspecified

Summary of Internship

The Accelerator program is a call for talented developers in Lagos, Nigeria. Self-motivated individuals with enthusiasm about solving complex software programs are urged to apply.

The program will run for 3-12 months. During this period, successful applicants will gain more exposure to the software development world, which will sharpen their skills in software engineering.

The activities of the interns will involve software design, testing, deployment, and maintenance. As applicants grow and evolve on the job, they will play major roles in the team they find themselves in. As a major player, they will be assigned to key projects which directly solve several pain points for Bank.

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible for the position if you possess the following:

  • At least an Ordinary National Diploma (OND)
  • Must be able to show good use of problem-solving skills
  • Practical knowledge of basic software development skills
  • Must be a good team player
  • A good understanding of algorithms coupled with effective problem-solving and technical skills
  • Must be good at programming
  • Good documentation skills for software requirements and specification
  • Ability to work in an Agile development environment.

Eligible Countries

This internship program is only open in Lagos, Nigeria.

Age restrictions

No restrictions were stated.

Gender restrictions

All genders are urged to apply.

Other Requirements

In addition to earlier stated requirements, applicants must:

  • Show good interpersonal skill
  • Be good at communicating effectively
  • Be self-motivated.

Value of Internship

This 3-12 month internship program will help software development enthusiasts to grow and evolve effectively in this field of study. Applicants will also be more conversant with working in an Agile Development environment.

Application Procedures

The application process for this internship program is relatively simple. They are as follows:

  • Fill the Application Form. Making sure all mandatory fields are filled with relevant information.
  • Upload documents; Resume and a photograph of yourself
  • Review inputted details before finals
  • You will receive a mail stating your application has been successful
  • Wait patiently to be invited for the screening exercise.
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To visit the official page for this opening, click here

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