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Apply For The GFWC-VT Scholarship For Continuing Education


Beyond the typical high school to college age track, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Vermont (GFWC-VT) announces the availability of GFWC-VT scholarship for continuing education for Vermont women who wish to further their education or training or to upgrade their skills to prepare for entering or advancing in the workplace.

The scholarships amount to $500–$1,500. For thirty years, GFWC-VT has been providing this financial aid, made possible by contributions from individuals and the state federated clubs.

How TO Apply For The GFWC-VT Scholarship For Continuing Education

Beverley Pallmerine, President of GFWC-VT, at [email protected], and Betty Haggerty at [email protected] are the places to get applications for the scholarship. Additionally, they can be accessed at Vermont Technical College and Community College of Vermont locations throughout the state. The VSAC financial aid pamphlet is another source of information.

A detailed plan outlining the applicant’s training or education must be submitted. Applications should be sent by March 15 to Betty Haggerty at 16 Taylor St., Bellows Falls, VT 05101; the application also contains her contact information.

The scholarships will be given out during the annual meeting of the state federation in April. To further increase your chances of winning the scholarship, read our scholarship application guide!

About The GFWC-VT Scholarship For Continuing Education

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Vermont (GFWC-VT) is pleased to offer scholarships to women in Vermont who want to advance their education, training, or skill set to enter or advance in the workforce.

These are women who typically lack access to standard grants or scholarships and require retraining for the workforce. The range of scholarships offered is $500 to $2000. The Truth About Scholarship Renewals: What You Need to Know in 2024

Since 1993, one to three prizes have been given out annually, except one. Each beneficiary needs to be a resident of Vermont and have a specific training objective in mind.

The scholarship bears the name of the late Barbara Jean Barker of Poultney, a key figure in the program’s establishment and the GFWC-VT President from 1992 to 1994. Over the years, women from various Vermont villages have won the prizes.

About General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Vermont (GFWC-VT)

One of the biggest and most established organisations for women to volunteer locally through thousands of clubs across the US and internationally through 20 nations is GFWC. Under the motto “Unity in Diversity,” GFWC has achieved an incredible track record of success.

This includes advancing education, protecting the environment, fostering healthy lifestyles, campaigning for the needs of the aged and disabled, speaking out on behalf of women, children, and families, and fostering involvement in the arts. Clubs customize their local agendas to meet specific requirements within the community.



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