FELLOWSHIP: Apply for The 2022 Teach for Bangladesh Program

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The Teach for Bangladesh program was created to enhance the growth of nations by young and intelligent leaders. The acceptance procedure is tough, and only a small fraction of the total number of people who applied are accepted. The selected applicants must have an excellent record both in studies and social life. Also, applicants must show leadership qualities that are in line with the goals and work to accomplish the program’s mission, be a good analyzer and not someone who gives up easily, and be able to speak in and understand English and Bangla proficiently. This program helps in building and resharpening the young graduates on leadership skills.

About teach for Bangladesh.

Teach for Bangladesh Selection Process:

  • Stage #1: Firstly, every applicant will be informed of their admission status in a range of one to four weeks after the end of accepting applications. 
  • Stage #2: Secondly, successful applicants from stage one and this present stage involves a phone interview. This interview lasts for about twenty to thirty minutes where questions about your application and the reason you want to be part of this program. You will be informed of the success of your interview within two to ten working days and that will lead you to stage 3, the last stage.
  • Stage #3: Finally, you will be invited to the Assessment Centre via email. You will be asked to take a mock lesson and also partake in various activities. Be aware, this takes almost a day, so, plan ahead.


The percentage of successful applications is about six percent  (6%), and most times, it’s due to not meeting the Teach for Bangladesh eligibility criteria.

To qualify, candidates are :

1. Expected to have a minimum of Bachelor degree from a qualified university.

2. Be students in their finals should not apply. Only applicants with their certificates or would get theirs by the last day of this year should apply.

3. Applicants are supposed to have finished their coursework by the last day in October to enable them to take part in the Winter Academy Full-time that begins on 1st November.

4. Most importantly,  applicants should only apply once as more than one entry will be rejected.

To be accepted, applicants should be citizens of Bangladesh or have double citizenship, with a Bangladesh passport, and those living outside the country but originated from the country.

Does this sound like you? Follow the link to apply.

Teach for Bangladesh Deadlines:

There are three deadlines for applying this year;

Deadline 1: 12th March 2021.

Deadline 2: 25th June 2021.

Deadline 3: 1st October 2021.

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