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Best Ferry Experience Around The World


Commuters touring the globe are finding it more appealing, cruising through waterway ferries, than getting packed up in a vehicle, on traffic-clogged highways.

Ferry experiences around the globe have always been peaking, but it seems more so since the dawn of the century, as New York alone clams more than 100,000 ferry riders daily. Most others cruise through the Indian Kerala coastal waters.

Ranging from passenger-onlies to 3200-passengers auto boats, ferry riding has become travellers’ best choice, like a daily routine for them. Revelling in the open water scenery, and vast liquid space makes a more appealing way of voyaging.

1. Brisbane City cat Ferries

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These are fleets of twin-hull City Cats and City Hopper monohull ferries which are both being run by the City Council of Brisbane. The chargeless ferries manoeuvre the span of water bodies from the University of Queensland St. Lucia to Northshore Hamilton, chugging across at 30 minutes intervals, from dawn to dusk. The highlight of the ride takes place when the elegant City cat trolls along the river every 15 minutes with flashes that make a spellbinding view, especially at night. For this type, slight charges apply, based on the ticket type, area, and period of travelling.

2. British – Columbia Ferry

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The ferry cruises through Port Hardy, on the northern hemispheres of Vancouver islands and Prince Rupert. Flanked by rough mountains and islands covered with fir and Sitka spruce. Across Sarah Island, passengers are treated to scenic scapes of porpoises, orcas, bald eagles, black bears and Boat Bluff lighthouse.

3. Bosphorus Ferries in Istanbul

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Board this fleet of workhorse ferries for a brief journey bounded for Golden Horn, or longer ones to yonder Prince’s Islands. The ferries continually sail off  Galata Bridge, with nice-looking shorelines flanked by antiquated wooden castles, dandy and erstwhile Ottoman palaces, Byzantine churches and mosques. Revel in the warmth of pretzels and sip hotter teas as you make sail across two continents, Europe and Asia Minor.

4. Chile’s Puerto Bound Ferries

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The epic boat sails between Patagonian Fjords, from Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales, spanning 800 miles of sizzling views of gulfs, beach islands, estuaries, tiny cypress, fjords and ice fields that gashes into the sea. Make plans to cruise in the 4 days ferry, gorged with pisco sours produced from icebergs.

5. California Ferry

Jump on the 30-minute cruise across Sausalito and San Francisco Bay. Check out numerous art galleries, retail outlets and landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bay, Angel Island and Alcatraz. The Ferry Building Marketplace is quite a spot to cool off, take some brunch and purchase a few artisanal fresh oils.  

6. Staten Island Ferry in New York

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Chug beyond the famed Gotham City’s view of tall buildings, Bridges, near Ellis Island and the most notable Statue of Liberty, with this oval-shaped, triple-decker ferries, that plies Manhattan over a hundred rounds, with 70k commuters per day. The fun fact is that the 25 minutes voyage, known as the world’s most deserved water trip, costs nothing, as the ferry fare is footed by New York’s Transport agency.

7. Hong Kong’s Star Ferry

At dusk periods, Hong Kong’s harbour raises the ante with its nightly symphony of lights, an explosion of lasers, fireworks and music. Let the effervescent of Hong Kong sway you beyond wildest imaginations across the bustle of Kowloon city.

8. Calabria-Sicily Ferry

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This ferry crosses the legendary water of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, connected with the Strait of Messina, where the Grecian legend Scylla and Charybdis were birthed. The ferry makes these rounds 18 times daily. The 35 minutes, 5km trip spans from Villa San Giovanni to Messina in Sicily.

9. Turkey-Golden Horn Ferry, Istanbul

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For centuries, civilization has hewn different marks across the 3-miles voyage, from the Golden Horn to Eyüb, of the Ottoman Empires. The ferry also travels across the former Jewish community, Balat down to the city of Hickory, where muezzins’ music/prayer rituals resonate through the mellow deep waters.

10. Sydney & Manly Ferry, Australia

Sydney Bay is easily seen as one of the best ferry experience locations. Given a slight lucky chance, you may run into bottlenose dolphins or whales popping up from the blue seas, when you ferry through Sydney. The boat breezes across Sydney’s most spectacular sites such as Coathanger Bridge, Opera House, Victorian cottages, and beaches. The sandstone cliffs alongside native gum trees, on the coastline, is a sure attention grabber.  

11. Michigan Ferry

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The Michigan ferry cruises through St. Ignace and Mackinac Island in Lake Huron. The classic ferry, built as a reminder to commuters about steamers that sailed the Great Lakes in the past, is a 30-mins voyage that lures visitors who wish to live the old fashioned, all horses-and-carriage lifestyle. The antiquated Victorian cottages and Mackinac Bridge make splendid views for visitors.

12. San Francisco-Sausalito Ferry

Take the 30mins trip to Sausalito, the best-known ferry spot in the city of San Francisco, and watch the city’s icons enliven, you’d wish this journey lasted twice as long. Revel in the sunshine, or the fog, on the large, bicycle-like ferry and make the most of the sizzling views of the coastlines.  

13. Montana- Alberta Ferry

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Passing through Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada and Glacier National Park, USA, this is one of the world’s best ferry experience destinations. With a sailing distance of about 7miles, the ferry trip slashes through the glacier-like mountain rivers with regular sights of beavers, deers, mountain goats and bighorns that cluster in the no-tree borders of the two countries.  

14. Dalmatia Ferry in Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is the notable site for the Game of Thrones TV scenes. The Croatian wall city of Camelot, best kept for tourist reasons, makes a nice view when watching from an onward local ferry. Along the lines are vast Jadrolinija car ferries and passenger-friendly catamaran services in various ports such as Pine Islands on the Coast of Dalmatia. Though travel itineraries vary from season to season.


Most of these ferry services charges relatably less, or no fees at all. For instance, Chao Phraya Express ferries in Bangkok charge very tiny amounts. The fare, mostly taken by conductors roving about, usually consist of a ticket fee, of just $6, which can take you to 13 unique piers, including other royalty treatments given.

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