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15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa


These days with all the stress, hustling, and bustling of modern-day life, sometimes we need to slow down and take a moment or two to relax and just free our minds from troubles. There are numerous wellness retreat centers all over the world and even in Africa. Here are some locations of Wellness retreats to be found in Africa.

Morocco Wellness Journey (Morocco)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Morocco Wellness Journey Morocco

This North African country presents visitors with a retreat that usually lasts for two weeks (14 days).  The retreat package presents the chance to move and look at various locations while relaxing. They present Sahara retreats, where you have the opportunity to engage in camel trekking, hiking, and trekking in the Sahara desert, and, during the nighttime, get the chance to go camping under the beautiful stars for a time of reflection and relaxation.

There is also the option of a yoga retreat where visitors are coached and taught by masters on Yoga’s art and practice in a serene, quiet and beautiful environment. For those who are interested, massage and spa services are also present, which leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated afterward.

Bushman’s Kloof (South Africa)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Bushman’s Kloof South Africa

This wellness center, located on the west coast of South Africa, this place is a wonderful and magical center that sits among beautiful open plains and ancient sandstone formations dating back thousands of years and is just under three hours drive from Cape Town. They also have affordable room selections, complete with stunning flora, which instantly makes you feel at ease. They also present guided tours around the rock formations and have a spa that delivers exquisite massages and other services.

Fairlawns Hotel and Spa (South Africa)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
fairlawns hotel and spa south africa

This establishment is located in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. Its building is surrounded by beautiful well-landscaped gardens and is a tranquil sanctuary for visitors. Five-star restaurants and dishes are served, and they present an array of beautiful rooms for stay. It also has a Spa where you can enjoy face and body massages and also a hydrobath, complete with various other spa treatments.

Singita Sweni Lodge (South Africa)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Singita Sweni Lodge South Africa

This is situated along the river banks of the Sweni River in South Africa. This location presents a space that breeds intimacy and seclusion while being accommodated in luxury suites that are very tastefully furnished, decorated, and affordable. The lodge runs on solar energy, which is helpful to the environment as this establishment prides itself on being environmentally sustainable and sensitive, and conscious.

They also present a safari, which could be by vehicle or by foot, depending on your choice, and you get to see the lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, and leopards that call that place home. It presents a beautiful spa for relaxation and also a gym to promote exercise.

Zimbabwe Luxury Yoga Safari (Zimbabwe)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Zimbabwe Luxury Yoga Safari (Zimbabwe)

Experience and explore beautiful locations in Zimbabwe with this safari. They present a seven-day package in which the first three days are spent in the Hwange National Park, which presents diverse, beautiful, and abundant wildlife, and visitors can take in its beauty. After the first three days, the remaining four days are then spent in the Zambezi National Park and from which Victoria Falls can be visible. They also present daily Yoga and meditation with yogi instructors and masters who teach the art to willing individuals. You are also greeted with a raft of activities on the present like river rafting, bungee jumping, boat cruises, and helicopter flips.

Yoga Retreat, Zanzibar (Tanzania)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Yoga and Fitness Retreat Zanzibar,

Zanzibar, Tanzania, presents various yoga retreats for individuals. The retreat consists of daily sunrise and sunset yoga sessions in which the individuals are taught and also encouraged to practice Vinyasa Flow and Dynamic Hatha Ashtanga Yoga. It is open to everybody and presents classes regardless of your experience or skill level, be it beginner, intermediate, or an expert. You also get the chance to experience the local Zanzibar lifestyle, alongside their food, and find time for other activities like snorkeling, swimming, diving, or even a boat cruise. You also get a chance to experience the beautiful moonlit sky at night.

Yoga and Fitness Retreat (Kenya)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Yoga and Fitness Retreat Kenya

Fatumas Tower Yoga and Fitness Retreat present individuals a chance to experience the environment’s peace and tranquility. The main Tower serves as accommodation and is adequate for visitors to relax, feel, and enjoy the nearby ocean’s cool breeze. Daily yoga lessons are presented and are conducted in the morning and evening. It also possesses an open courtyard and garden where people can enjoy their meals while also basking in Mother Nature’s wonderfulness.

Amukela Game Lodge (South Africa)

15 Best Locations For A Wellness Retreat In Africa
Amukela Game Lodge South Africa

This place presents you with a mix of experiencing the areas scenery and wild vegetation mixed in with a bit of modern luxury and comfort. It presents personalized stays and adventures while in this location. It presents a pool for swimming and in the nighttime organizes a campfire. The accommodations are built so that they do not obstruct or take away from the beauty of the natural vegetation and wildlife. They also present a list of excursions and a chance to see the animals present.

Marrakech Oasis Retreat (Morocco)

Marrakech Oasis Retreat

This retreat presents a getaway from the stress associated with modern life and jobs and presents a haven for relaxation for a brief period. You also experience local Moroccan culture and food, taking in the beautiful villages and the extremely relaxed atmosphere of this location. It also presents tailored yoga classes for interested individuals, which are specifically tailored to skill and experience levels. Yoga focuses on increasing mobility, blood circulation, and even breathing for a healthier and longer life.

Wildlife and Wellness Yoga Safari Retreat (Namibia)

Wildlife and Wellness Yoga Safari Retreat Namibia

As the name implies, it presents you a perfect blend of wildlife and natural flora the country of Namibia has to present while also allowing connecting with your inner self. You also get the chance to see the animals which are usually around and about and watch them go about their natural and daily functions. They present yoga classes according to skill and make provisions for variation of meals like vegetarian and vegan and also practice Yoga of different styles, namely Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga. The food is amazing and usually consists of freshly made, organic, and fresh fruits and produce.

Mindfulness Meditation retreat (Egypt and Jordan)

Mindfulness Meditation retreat Egypt and Jordan

This presents a total revitalization of body, soul, and spirit while in the country of Egypt. You are presented with personally tailored experiences that all aim to improve you. There are also series of adventures, all well thought out and planned for the individuals. The accommodations are cozy and wonderful, as well as being paired with beautiful local scenery. Healthy meal alternatives like gluten-free food and vegan food are available on request, and the whole retreat is centered on improving the individual by personal internal, and spiritual growth. Daily meditations, as well as yoga classes, are also given.

Dance, pray, and love retreat (Morocco)

Dance pray and love retreat Morocco

This retreat organized in North African Morocco presents a seven-day experience, all with the single aim of relaxation, reconnection, and focus improvement. They present daily meditation sessions, which come on at sunrise and sunset, as well as being able to explore the local culture around them. It also includes lovely body care spa treatment with natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil and encourages the formation of new bonds with other individuals present. The individuals are also well cared for by a private chef’s food to whip up delicious local meals.

Surf and Yoga retreat (Morocco)

Surf and Yoga retreat Morocco

This is held on the Atlantic coast of Morocco in Tamraght and presents individuals a chance to connect with themselves and others. As it is on the coast, you have also presented the chance to surf or even learn surfing if you are interested and enjoy the ocean’s cool breeze and atmosphere. Food is locally sourced and is always fresh and tasty. Yin and restorative yoga are also on the present to help with balance, agility, and stamina. If you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or are even a fan of organic food, you are in luck as this caters to all those needs.

Safari and Yoga retreat (Uganda)

Safari and Yoga retreat Uganda

Organized in Kampala, Uganda, this enables you to tour the beautiful area and see the wildlife available. The experiences can be customized and well-tailored to suit your preferences, and you have the options to go water rafting, safari drive, and even boat trips to the Nile. Highly trained yoga instructors are also on hand to train in the Restorative, general, and power yoga disciplines. The food presented is gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan, depending on your preference.

Safari and yoga Retreat (Botswana)

Safari and yoga Retreat Botswana

This retreat held in Botswana presents intense and serene meditation and catches glimpses and views of the entire area and the accompanying wildlife. The yoga sessions held by both local and international yoga teachers help promote personal wellness and meditation

So, if you are itching for a wellness retreat, these are our top picks for you. Let us know which you would like to visit down below.

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