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Best One Year MBA USA Universities for International Students


One year MBA USA universities have been offered in the U.S. for over 50 years. These programs help students maximize their management academic foundation while accelerating their one-year accelerated MBA program. One-year European MBA programs like INSEAD and L.B.S. continue to be ranked well by business school rankings. The best business schools in the U.S. have also begun to offer faster one-year MBA programs to attract more applicants.

You may assess whether these best one-year MBA programs in the United States are a good fit for you by reading this post, which will guide you through some of them. So keep reading to learn everything there is to know about one-year accelerated M.B.A. programs offered in the United States.

Top One-Year MBA Programs for International Students

1. MBA Program at Kellogg for One Year

One of the top-ranked accelerated MBA programs offered by U.S. business schools is the Kellogg 1-year program, which runs from June to June. Summer admissions allow candidates time to get used to the rigorous course load. The two-year full-time MBA program lasts two years, with the second year commencing in September.

Prerequisites for pre-enrollment courses in the Kellogg 1-year M.B.A. program let you select graduate electives based on your career objectives rather than basic disciplines. Students can choose from over 200 electives to tailor their M.B.A. experience.

At Kellogg, students pursuing a prestigious one-year MBA can choose six majors. A route is an integrated, cross-functional course sequence that targets a particular sector or skill set. In contrast, a major provides the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of a single business function. Here are just a few of the several job options that Kellogg offers: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Scaling, Real Estate, and Healthcare.

2. Cornell One-Year MBA Program

A one-year Tech M.B.A. program is part of the Cornell One-Year M.B.A. Program. The Johnson Cornell Tech M.B.A. programme comprises 14 weeks of introductory courses from financial accounting to marketing and leadership development, starting in the summer semester at Cornell University’s Ithaca, New York campus.

The program’s last two semesters are taught in New York City at Cornell Tech’s Roosevelt Island campus. It will focus on the I.T. industry and provide access to state-of-the-art facilities in and surrounding the university.

3. Duke Fuqua Accelerated MBA program

Duke Fuqua is one of the newest business schools in the U.S. to offer an accelerated one-year MBA program. It has one of the largest class sizes of any business school in the country, with 395 students enrolled in the class of 2021.

The accelerated MBA program at Duke Fuqua requires the following degrees as a requirement Master’s degree in management studies (M.M.S.) from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business; a one-year master’s degree in business administration from an accredited graduate business school; or an equivalent from another accredited business school.

The four-week summer term is the first of five terms of Duke Fuqua’s accelerated MBA program. Students have to finish their courses in entrepreneurship, technology-driven company transformation, and leadership throughout this period.

The Fall and Spring semesters have two parts, each lasting six weeks. Students can choose up to three electives and the required management communication courses for each half of the autumn semester.

4. One Year MBA Program at Notre Dame

Best One Year MBA USA Universities for International Students

The Notre Dame (Mendoza) accelerated program is intended for those who have already finished their undergraduate degree in business.

In the classroom, accelerated M.B.A. program participants at Notre Dame have an average of five years of professional experience. Following a demanding nine-week summer term, students proceed to the second year of the two-year MBA curriculum.

The program aims to increase participants’ capacity to use best practices for teams and honesty while tackling challenging problems. Courses cover everything from financial accounting to marketing management to business analytics.

5. One-year MBA program at U.S.C.

The U.S.C. Marshall I-BEAR program is an international one-year M.B.A. program designed for professionals in mid-career, and it’s different from the other programs we looked at in this post.

Students in the I-BEAR MBA program generally vary in age from 34 to 36 and have 11–12 years of work experience when they first attend the classroom. The bulk (41%) of applicants to the I-Bear M.B.A. program have credentials in science and engineering. A third of pre-MBA applicants had worked in the CPG or consumer services sector.

The program hopes to help candidates grow their professional networks, knowledge base, and skill set by providing a framework for immersive, experience-based learning. Thus, I.B.C.P.s, or international business consulting projects, are essential to the M.B.A. experience in the I-BEAR MBA program. There are also scholarship MBA programs like the Harvard University MBA Scholarship for 2025 Boustany Foundation.


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