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Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024


There are many Summer Beach Activities Kent and outings that the entire family can enjoy! There’s no need to drive far to enjoy this incredible summer: Kent has many great activities and outings that the entire family can enjoy!

There is a lot for you to enjoy and celebrate the wonderful summer season, from parks to the breathtaking seaside.

In addition to offering some of Kent’s greatest locations for day trips and visits, we’ve got some thrilling summer activities that you should participate in!

Additionally, there are some beautiful walks in the area where you can take in the beauty of summer and unearth some hidden treasures outside your door.

12 Fun Activities in Kent Beach to Enjoy

The best way to relax on a summer’s day in Kent is to spend it at the beach. However, spending more than a day in the sun gets a little boring for some beachgoers.

Being able to play a variety of entertaining beach games is crucial to avoiding boredom. Here are our top recommendations!

1. kite-Surfing

An adrenaline rush is guaranteed when kite surfing, an exciting water sport that mixes surfing and paragliding! Managing the kite while flying through the air and water is a special challenge.

kite-Surfing -Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024

This is a safe and accessible pastime that is exciting and fun, even for inexperienced players. Windsurfing is so easy that even young kids can learn how to do it, which makes it a great family pastime!

2. Enjoy Fruity Beverages

Enjoying the delicious flavour of tropical drinks from your beach chair or at a beach bar completes any beach day. Savour fruity drinks, such as revitalising water from freshly cracked coconuts, fruit punches, or traditional beach favourites like piña coladas.

3. Gather Rocks or Seashells

Gathering rocks and seashells is a cost-effective beach trip pastime. Before removing these things from the beach, it is imperative to confirm that collecting them is allowed.

Bring paint for extra creative fun, and spend the evening painting the rocks or seashells to create treasured mementoes.

4. Construct a Sand Castle

All you need is some wet sand and a bucket to create a sandcastle, an incredibly enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. Making sand castles on Kent’s beaches is a great way to exercise your creativity and test your skills as you mould and form the sand into amazing constructions, offering summer fun for all ages.

 Building sandcastle is an infinite source of creative expression and beach fun, whether you want to create elaborate moats, towering turrets, or elaborate sculptures.

5. Set up Camp on the Shore

Nothing compares to the unmatched enchantment of a beachside evening, particularly when s’mores are involved! The entire experience fosters deep relationships and enduring bonds, from setting up camp to telling stories by the flickering fire to nodding off to breaking waves.

It may become an annual event that everyone looks forward to and enjoys. Just ensure you stay in the approved camping sites in Kent and that your beach permits overnight stays, to fully enjoy your summer activities.

6. Light a Bonfire

A bonfire adds a compelling atmosphere to any gathering, especially on a cooler beach night. Send out invites to your pals, stock your cooler with cool drinks, gather plenty of wood or driftwood, and bring your favourite music for your radio or instrument.

The crackling sound of burning wood mingles with laughing and conversation as the flames dance and flicker, producing a warm glow on the nearby sand. It truly is magical!

Light a Bonfire-Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024

7. Eat Ice Cream to Relieve Heat

Few things compare to the pure joy of enjoying a big scoop of classic ice cream on a sweltering summer day at the beach.

Either bring your own tub or ride in one of the adorable carts cruising the boardwalk!

8. Take a Walk

A beach day does not have to consist solely of water sports. Depending on the location, you can take a beautiful walk and see incredible ocean views.

You can also discover tidal pools and look for marine life, locate a private cove, or, for the more daring among you, explore a cave. Just be careful to monitor the tide.

9. Host a Cookout on the Beach

What could be better than enjoying a beach cookout with friends and family, drinking cold beer, and enjoying the nice weather? Make a fantastic music selection, spread blankets, or get out of the cornhole for some quintessential summer fun by the pier!

10. Rent a Cabana on the Beach

A cabana is an opulent retreat providing a secluded area close to the beach where you can relax, kick back, enjoy a cool drink, engross yourself in a gripping novel, or take in the silence.

At many beach resorts, you can rent a cabana for a day or longer, taking your beach experience to the next level of opulence.

Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024-Rent a Cabana on the Beach

11. Engage in a Game of Beach Volleyball

Playing beach volleyball while lounging on the sand with pals is essential. Take in the vibrant atmosphere as you dig, set, and spike through friendly (or not-so-friendly) matches. Playing volleyball on the beach turns it into a playground where the peacefulness of the coastal environment blends with the excitement of competition. 

You can also burn off some sugary tropical beverages with a little workout.

12. Play A Beachside Sport 

Tossing a football, baseball, or frisbee is an excellent beachside sport. There’s just something unique about playing sports on the beach throughout the summer, whether you organise a football game, get your buddies together for a thrilling game of ultimate frisbee, or take it easy. and toss a ball with your significant other along the breathtaking pier, enhancing your beach day experience.

Top Uk Beaches In Kent

  1. Stone Bay

This family-friendly beach is a great place to swim. Stone Bay, a short distance from Broadstairs town, with a beautiful arc of flat beaches.

The peaceful beach benefits from a distinct microclimate created by the tall chalk cliffs that shield it from the wind and heat.

Stone Bay is a popular location for rock pooling and taking in the diverse array of marine life in the vicinity, offering a tranquil substitute for Broadstairs’ main beach. The beach is fully submerged during low tide, so be careful to verify the hours before you go.

  1. Folkestone Beach

Look for fossils on this beach with shingle and sand. Being one of the beaches nearest to London, Folkestone Beach is popular among vacationers.

This beach’s fine sand is perfect for building sandcastle, and you can even enter the yearly sandcastle competition held there.

Due to Folkestone Beach’s proximity to the town center, it is simple to go to restaurants, shops, and bars. It’s also a well-liked location for fossil hunting, particularly in the area close to the foot of the nearby cliffs.

The beach provides an amazing view of the rising sun, making it ideal for leisurely strolls down the coast.

  1. Minster Leas Beach

Minster Leas Beach is a lengthy pebbly beach that descends to a grassy bank. It is located on the Isle of Sheppey’s northeastern shore.

You may create your very own private estate of sandcastle on the large expanse of sand visible at low tide.

Minster Leas Beach-Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024

Pet owners and families like strolling their dogs along the promenade that borders Minster Leas Beach. If you want to work out outside, there’s even an outdoor gym. You are welcome to relax on the park benches and enjoy the serene beauty of the area.

  1. Dover Harbour Beach

Savor the water and sun while keeping an eye on the seals. The Marine Conservation Society recommends Dover Harbour Beach for its immaculate water. Dover’s harbor walls, which are close to the Kent Coastline Walk, provide shade for the pebbly beach and an unobstructed view of the lovely waterfront. You can stroll from the beach to the stores and cafés since it’s close to the town.

While unwinding on this beach, take in the view of the renowned white cliffs and the medieval Dover Castle. In the vicinity of the port, you could even be fortunate enough to see some seals.

  1. Romney Marsh and Dungeness

Dungeness’s surreal terrain, including wide-open sky and a broad stretch of shingle, making it a less typical beach destination. Filmmaker Derek Jarman and Magnum photographer Peter Marlow both lived here, and artists Helen Gillian and Paddy Hamilton have modest open studios there.

During the summer, after visiting the open studios and seeing Jarman’s garden under the power plant, you may have delectable seafood at Dungeness Snack Shack.

Travel 20 minutes up the coast, beyond Camber Sands, to spend the night at The Gallivant, a beach resort with a Hamptons vibe that has pastel tongue-and-groove and sandy colors, a wine hour at 5 p.m., and Elevenses all day.

  1. Birchington’s Minnis Bay

Minnis, a vast expanse of sand that accommodates almost every kind of beachgoer, is regarded by many locals as the best strand on the North Kent coast.

Stand-up paddleboarders, kayakers and wakeboarders frequent the area, families enjoy the Victorian tidal pool and cyclists on the Viking Coastal Trail may make a pleasant diversion by bike along the four-mile trail to Margate.

Finding a peaceful area of golden beach in Kent to unwind on with a bottle of wine and take in a breathtaking sunset is never difficult, and it’s one of the best things to do in the county. an excellent all-arounder.

  1. Sandwich’s Pegwell Bay

Pegwell Bay Country Park, which is a part of a national nature reserve, is a great place for geology enthusiasts, wildlife enthusiasts, and adventurers. It has wheelchair-accessible bird hides and decent amenities overall.

Sandwich's Pegwell Bay-Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024

Sandwich’s Pegwell Bay is one of the Sandy Beaches In Kent County and popular with families and borders the Victorian resort town of Ramsgate. However, as one moves towards Sandwich, the beach changes to a marshy nature reserve surrounded by chalky white cliffs, with grassland walking paths, secret picnic areas, and miles of coastline that are home to uncommon species of ducks and waders that migrate.

Child-Friendly Beaches In Kent

These are our top ten kid-friendly beaches in Kent:

  1. Shellness Beach, Isle of Sheppey

Shellness Beach is one of the Kent Beaches For Families seeking a quiet day trip will love this lovely beach on the island. It’s a terrific place to go rock pooling and kayaking, and there are many beach activities to choose from.

  1. Joss Bay, Broadstairs

Families, particularly those with little children, will love this sandy beach. It’s the ideal location for an enjoyable day out because of its shallow waters and plenty of rockpools to explore.

  1. Greatstone Beach, Romney Marsh

This place is fantastic for swimming and tanning because of its vast sandy beach, mile-long dunes, and shallow waves. Flying a kite in the vast open area of Kent Island is also fun and one of the best things to do during a trip.

Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024-Greatstone Beach, Romney Marsh
  1. Minnis Bay, Birchington

This gorgeous beach is perfect for families. With plenty of kid-friendly activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the beach throughout the summer, from windsurfing and sandcastle building to rock-pooling and beachcombing.

  1. Sunny Sands, Folkestone

Folkestone’s seaside offers a plethora of activities, including ice cream parlors and events on the harbor Arm, small boats floating in the harbor, and a stunning mermaid overlooking the ocean. Choose between a lengthy stretch of pebbly beach and a sandy beach!

  1. Viking Bay, Broadstairs

With plenty of rockpools and shallow seas, this well-liked beach is ideal for kids. Also, a fantastic assortment of eateries and cafés along the shore are suitable for a midday meal.

  1. Dymchurch Beach

Families will love Dymchurch Beach in Kent, as it offers many shallow waters and rockpools for kids to explore, making it one of the county’s best spots for summer fun. Also, there is a fantastic assortment of eateries and cafés along the shore, ideal for a midday meal.

  1. Botany Bay

Botany Bay, Broadstairs, has many small paddling spots and rockpools to explore, making it an ideal family destination. It’s also an excellent place to swim, sunbathe, and go crabbing.

Botany Bay-Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024
  1. Westbrook Bay, Margate

This gorgeous beach is ideal for a family outing. It is just down the coast from Margate’s busy Main Sands. It’s an excellent spot for swimming and tanning because of the shallow waters and plenty of rockpools to explore.

  1. Sandgate Beach, Hythe

This lovely beach is perfect for families. With plenty of kid-friendly activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from windsurfing and sandcastle building to rock-pooling and beachcombing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches in Kent

1. Where should I go on the Kent Coast?

One popular destination on the Kent Coast is Stone Bay, known for its charming seaside town atmosphere, colourful beach huts, and delicious seafood. You can stroll along the pebble beach, explore the town’s independent shops, and indulge in fresh oysters.

2. Does Kent have nice beaches?

Yes, there are many beautiful beaches in Kent coastline. Some favourites include Botany Bay, Viking Bay in Broadstairs, and Joss Bay, which offer clean sands, stunning cliffs, and water sports and relaxation opportunities.

3. Where is it safe to swim in Kent?

There are many good beaches in Kent that are safe for swimming, with lifeguards stationed at popular spots during the summer months. Some recommended safe swimming beaches include Minnis Bay, West Bay in Westgate-on-Sea, and Tankerton Beach.

Always check local safety notices and follow any guidance provided by lifeguards.

4. What is there to do in Medway in the summer holidays?

Medway offers a range of activities for summer holidays. You can explore historic sites such as Rochester Castle and Cathedral, take leisurely walks along the River Medway, or visit attractions like The Historic Dockyard Chatham, where you can discover maritime history and explore interactive exhibits.

Additionally, the Dickens Festival in Rochester is a highlight for literary enthusiasts. It is usually held in the summer and celebrates the works of Charles Dickens with street performances and period costume displays, highlighting the county’s rich cultural heritage.

5. What hidden gems or lesser-known beaches should you explore along the Kent Coast?

While popular beaches like Broadstairs and Margate draw crowds, consider exploring quieter spots like Dumpton Gap Beach or Stone Bay for a more secluded seaside experience.

6. Are there any coastal hiking trails or cliff walks worth exploring in Kent?

Yes, Kent offers picturesque coastal paths perfect for hiking enthusiasts. The Saxon Shore Way and the White Cliffs Coastal Path provide breathtaking coastline views, wildlife spotting opportunities, and chances to explore hidden coves and beaches along the way.

7. Are any water sports or activities available for thrill-seekers on the Kent Coast?

Yes, the Kent Coast offers opportunities for various water sports and activities. You can try kite surfing at Camber Sands, paddleboarding in Whitstable, or even take sailing lessons in Ramsgate. Additionally, many coastal towns offer equipment rental and classes for beginners.

8. What seaside festivals or events are happening along the Kent Coast during the summer months?

What seaside festivals or events are happening along the Kent Coast during the summer months-Best Summer Beach Activities Kent in 2024

Along the Kent Coast, you’ll find a vibrant calendar of summer events and festivals. From seafood festivals celebrating local delicacies to music festivals showcasing live performances, there’s something for everyone.

For entertainment by the sea, keep an eye out for events like the Broadstairs Folk Week, Margate Soul Festival, and Herne Bay Air Show.

Final Words

Kent’s shoreline provides a great deal of summertime activities for people of all ages, making it the perfect place to spend an unforgettable vacation. Whatever your preference (calm beach strolls, exhilarating water sports, or family-friendly attractions) Kent has plenty to offer beach lovers.

There are several alternatives, ranging from the busy beaches of Stone Bay to the tranquil stretches of Minnis Bay. Kent offers a remarkable summer experience full of adventure, leisure, and scenic beauty with its wide variety of beaches, hidden treasures, and coastal trails.


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