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2021 Best Travel Destinations With No Coronavirus Restrictions


International travel may pose significant challenges for tourists and expatriates, especially in this post-pandemic era. But deciphering where a potentially viable destination is, should no longer remain a tedious task.

All restrictions for Corona virus, compulsory isolation, and other national restrictory guidelines have been waived by most nations that had long reopened their international frontiers for serious business.

Nations spanning across the Mediterranean, top the chart for being among the first few that were open to foreigners, since May last year. Choice locations in the plush Caribbean and the Asian continent also began accepting visitors. They waived restrictions placed on travel and consented for international flights to bounce back, at full spates, especially in the summer and fall seasons. Meaning that a memorable getaway is a sure bet for travelers this year.

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Do you still have a hard time checking through the rankings?  It can be made easier by finding the right travel agency predisposed in your area. Online sources are also available but it is untenable to outline  them here, to avoid issues of unsolicited advertisements.

The list of counties that have waived, or lowered their travel constraints are carefully mentioned below. These countries also don’t require a lot of paper work, just the normal entry requirements like visa and (or) passports are required.

The following selected nations have all met the conditions outlined below before being  mentioned in this article:

  • No isolation period
  • No test prior to leaving
  • No tests on arriving
  • No nation restricted because of covid-19

These are the Selected counties, in no particular order;

1. Mexico


The country had begun accepting all foreign visitors, without testing or quarantining. Though most parts still have not fully opened their beaches and hotels,  the major locations like the Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta are fully in operation.

2.   Tanzania

A family of elephants in Tarangire National park, Tanzania.

Right from last year June, Tanzania resumed operations for visitors from all countries. There have been zero compulsory isolation requirement presently in place, aside checking for face masks, minor temperature scans and social distancing. Also, there’s no requirement for test/PCR  before entry.

The country first restarted international activities last June, requiring no test for COVID-19. Then it introduced a 72-hour PCR test requirement on August 1st, but later reviewed it in September once again. Intending travellers are advised to reconfirm for recent updates before making the trip.

3.   Haiti


Haiti is among the first set of Caribbean nations to restart international travels since June last year. All passengers on arrival, were required to take a two week self isolation when the country first reopened. The policy has been reviewed, as there are no compulsory quarantines or testing requirements for the meantime. But Haiti will soon be expunged from this list, as it began 72-hours of PCR test from February 9th 2021.

4.   Costa Rica

Costa Rica

On October 26, Costa Rica waived off its mandatory PCR test condition, and as at November, it reviewed the list of approved countries, and began accepting all nations once again. Costa Rica currently requires no tests or self isolation by foreign visitors.

5.   Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Republic of Dominica has just recently made entry in to this list. Although the Republic has been accessible for many months before now, it only  waived off its entry requirements recently. The Republic reviewed it’s restrictions in September last year. The authorities only  conduct a quick breath test at random and rare occasions, between three to ten percent of visitors that  arrive.  They will also review the requirement for all visitors to bring with them PCR test results. Currently, countries around the wrlorld can take a tour to the Dominican Republic, without worrying about tests or isolation procedures, since only a minute percentage of visits get scrutinized.

6.   Albania


Albania reopened its borders for all tourist visitors since July last year. It currently has no restrictions, nor presentation of negative infection tests results by arriving visitors. All nations are welcome in Albania. Visitors on arrival only need to undergo minimal temperature checks, and reminded to have their face masks always on. That is about all for Albanian  travelling conditions.

7.   North Macedonia

North Macedonia

Like the other countries outlined here, North Macedonian Republic reopened its international routes for foreigners in July 2021. It allows visitors from around the world to come in, without restriction. Though from August last year, the republic started demanding for PCR tests from nationales of a few countries. Please check online for these exceptions.

8.   Montenegro


As of January this year, Montenegro joined international countries without travel restrictions. As of 12th January, the country waived off its quarantine as well as PCR test requirement for countries with high-risks. The country also discontinued using the regulations that dictated the acceptable nations that could visit, and under which condition. Visitors around the globe now have nothing to fret about when entering Montenegro.

9.   Turkey


Most of Turkey’s borders were gradually reopened by middle of last year, for international flights. Though the country’s policy is not yet all inclusive, it only accepts flights from, and to  United States, Germany, Belarus, the UAE, Italy, Sudan, Greece, Austria, Albania, Morocco, Jordan, Latvia, Belgium, Ireland, and Slovakia. While flights from Denmark,  UK and South Africa are  still  under restriction.

Note: Turkey has made it known that more of it’s air routes will be open soon to accommodate more options. Presently, all visitors are asked to tender negative test results between 72 hours of arrival.

10.   Portugal


Unlike other afore listed countries, Portugal began flight operations since May, 2020. Only Visitors coming from European and Schengen areas are allowed in. They also accept entries from nationales and residents of South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Japan. Visitors from Britain are restricted, safe for those coming for business and other very ‘important’ functions.

11.   Lithuania and Estonia

Lithuania and Estonia

The two nations all reopened their national frontiers last June, mainly accessible to EU,  Schengen areas, and a few other nationalities. Travellers should take note because, tourists  from countries with a higher COVID-19 rate of transmission may be required to quarantine for about 7 to 10 days.

It Should be noted that this list of countries without restrictions will be reviewed frequently. Estonia now requests visitors on arrival to present a negative test result within 3 days.

Recently removed places are:

Maldives, Egypt, Kosovo, Brazil, Colombia, and Haiti. These are countries that requests  3 to 4 days of mandatory tests and isolation.  Serbia exclusively needs only a minimum of two days.

Other Countries with no restrictions are:

  • DR Congo
  • Bahrain
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Guyana
  • Brazil
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • El Salvador
  • Burundi
  • Paraguay
  • Cameroon
  • Cape Verde
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Djibouti
  • Malawi
  • Togo
  • Pakistan
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Gabon
  • Senegal
  • Guinea
  • Iraq
  • Kosovo
  • Liberia
  • Mali
  • São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Sudan
  • Ukraine, and
  • Amenia


Restrictions on traveling are subject to frequent reviews and adjustments at any given time, depending on the area and how strict the wave of the virus is there. Hence, the responsibility to visit any of these places ultimately lies on the individual. Before you travel, contact the diplomatic agencies in your residence to ascertain how liable traveling to these places is. This site does not in any way license or endorse international travels without the due consent of official travel authorities in your locality, or health agencies.

Also, this list is susceptible to changes whenever any of these countries lift its traveling conditions, or impose another one, due to the Covid-19 upsurge. This article doesn’t suppose that visiting these places is safe or totally void of risks,  as the rate of contracting the virus may still not be totally low.

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