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Booking hotel rooms for a group: a quick guide


For travel managers, trying to organize hotel room bookings for a large group of travelers can be tricky. We know that keeping track of multiple bookings can be time-consuming. What’s more, staying up to date with the trip details –  and staying within travel policies for several employees traveling for work – is a logistical challenge in itself. That’s without considering how quickly costs can rack up when booking for a large group. 

Whether you’re looking for better group rates, special facilities in hotel rooms, or trying to secure the best deal with special offers, our quick guide to booking hotels for large groups gives you tools to better manage group hotel bookings.

What to consider before booking a hotel for a large group 

With any kind of travel, it’s important to be aware of all the things you need to know – before you go! But this is even more important when making group hotel bookings for large groups, and can save a lot of hassle and expense down the road. 

The first things to consider before making a number of rooms for a large group include:

What kind of trip you are booking: A group of travelers working off-site will have very different needs to a work crew that needs to be taken care of. Will they need transfers? Or additional space for gear? Will they need a meeting space within the hotel or transport to another location? 

Travelers’ personal preferences: It’s important to make group travel as comfortable as possible for each traveler. Consider the personal preferences of your team such as dietary preferences, that could impact variables for your booking. 

Location, location, location: As mentioned above, knowing where your group travelers will be working will affect the location of your booking. Will it need to be close to a conference center or an airport? 

Facilities: Hotel chains and hotel rooms differ in the size and quality of their facilities. For business travelers to unwind after hours, it may be important to have an on-site fitness center, high-speed wifi, or 24-hour concierge service.

It’s also important to consider accessibility for each traveler, and ensure disability access if necessary. 

Any additional requirements: small details to consider, like different check-in times depending on each traveler’s arrival and any other last-minute additional requirements that may affect group hotel bookings. 

Once you have a handle on these trip details, you can start to get to grips with the best way to manage all the trip details, to make sure each traveler is catered for. Luckily, there are a number of group travel service providers that can help you do just that. 

Travel management software for group hotel bookings

Managing group hotel bookings doesn’t have to be a minefield of information spread out across multiple websites, providers, and spreadsheets. In fact, nowadays there are a host of online resources to help you get the best rates for hotel rooms, with the least stress involved. 

Travel management companies (TMCs) offer a bespoke service that is specifically designed to make the process of finding and booking hotel rooms for group travel as simple as possible. 

We’ve got everything covered when it comes to group hotel bookings., all in one easy-to-use platform. With TravelPerk, you can book, manage, support, and report business travel from a single screen – no more clicking between email threads and tracking down stray booking references.

For groups larger than 8 travelers, booking is handled through our personalized concierge service. This is to ensure continuity, and that the whole group has the exact same itinerary. 

As specialists in corporate group travel, TravelPerk offers group coordinators a user-friendly all-in-one travel management platform, as well as 7-star customer support for a seamless group travel booking experience. 

We know that at the top of any travel manager’s priorities are organization and efficiency. That’s why we can help you save time and money when you use TravelPerk for group travel. We negotiate the best rates for you, with access to the world’s biggest travel inventory. We also make the group booking process a no-brainer, as you can pay, report, and invoice all group travel with just one account. 

Make sure your travel policy compliance is watertight, with our automated travel policy compliance approvals – and a dedicated travel expert on hand if a member of your group needs to cancel or change their booking. 

We know all the tricks to help you get the best deals on room rates today, so you don’t blow your next group travel budget. 

Booking hotel room

5 top tips to secure discounts for group hotel bookings 

Booking accommodation usually takes up the lion’s share of your company’s business travel spend. Luckily as with other travel service providers hotels offer businesses special discounts and offers for corporate bookings – occasionally even free rooms. 

Although it’s more common to see discounts start at around 10% we know there are a few tricks to help you get an even better deal. 

Here are our top 5 tips for better group booking room rates:

1. Use a travel management platform

The best thing you can do to boost your chances of better rates is to work with a TMC. As well-connected industry specialists, TMCs like TravelPerk have already done the hard work to secure the best rates for TravelPerk customers. These discounts can be even more significant when booking for a large group.

2. Make use of corporate credit cards

Plenty of credit card providers have corporate and business credit cards that give you access to special deals when you use them to book hotels for group travel. They can also unlock special perks – especially for groups – like extra meals or a free night. Some hotel chains also have loyalty programs that, if used often, can have some great benefits for group reservations, like room upgrades. 

3. Ask about extended stay discounts

Hotels love consistent high occupancy rates – which is more likely when large groups are traveling to town for business. Anything more than 5 nights is usually considered an extended stay – and can unlock discounts for big groups. Be sure to ask when booking if this is an option. 

4. When possible, opt for non-refundable rates

Some hotels can offer better rates for large groups of business travelers who pay a non-refundable rate up-front. In some cases, hotels could offer a discount of up to 25% here – but be careful. If you’re likely to run into cancellations or changes this can be a risky option. 

5. Check if your clients have corporate codes

Finally, for business travel that involves meeting with clients, it’s always worth checking if they have any corporate codes or pre-negotiated discounts that might help cut your hotel costs.  

Let TravelPerk do the hard work for you

At TravelPerk, helping business travel managers find a better way to book is the reason why we are in business. This is especially the case when it comes to group travel. 

From what you need to know before check-in, to the travel management software that can streamline your processes, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best hotels, room rates and booking fees. 

Our expert travel agents go the extra mile to take care of every detail when it comes to group hotel bookings. From check-in to check-out, anything your group needs can be arranged. 

Booking hotel room

Choosing TravelPerk for your group travel management needs gives you access to top perks and exclusive rates for large groups. We save you time by negotiating some of the most competitive group hotel rates on the market, including with four and five-star hotels, and major hotel chains all over the world. These rates are exclusive to businesses and can’t be found on regular consumer travel booking sites.

Finally, when you set up a TravelPerk account, you can choose to add any corporate rates you have previously negotiated and any preferred hotel options to your account – meaning you won’t lose out on any existing discounts or special offers.     

Book your next group business trip with total confidence with TravelPerk. Request a free demo with one of our travel experts today. 

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