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Burglary Prevention Tips: Security Measures For Break-Ins


There are simple burglary prevention tips you can follow to keep you ahead of any intruder. Here are security measures for break-ins:

Broken or open property shows weakness
Secure your doors. If a door or window is broken, repair it immediately. Broken doors or open windows serve as an open invitation to an opportunistic burglar. It lets the burglar know that there are lapses in the security of a home, which he or she can take advantage of.

Avoid using ‘I love cats’ or ‘Beware of Dogs’ signs
Burglars know that pet owners do not usually have alarms. The fact that you have a pet, such as a dog, it would serve as an indicator to a burglar that your back door is open. So keep those signs away.

Ensure the front of your house looks imposing
When the front of your home looks imposing, a burglar is likely to feel that the back would be just as secured. Likewise, if the security in front of your home looks weak, the burglar would guess the back would be even weaker.
Having more than one lock on the front door or gate is a way to make your home look imposing. A burglar is likely to go for the house with a single lock than one with more than one lock, as it would mean less work.

Always keep recent photographs of your home and its contents
Recent photographs help you know when your home has been burgled. It also proves to the insurance company that certain items were actually stolen.

Keep your precious items in unlikely locations
Burglars do not look for bulky items to take in a home. They look for small valuable items they can easily pinch without being noticed or caught. Once a burglar breaks into a home, the first things they go for are jewelry, credit cards, and bank statements. Often, such items are in a handbag, so think of more creative places to hide your items.

Burglars like to know more about you
A burglar would be interested in knowing the next time you would be out of your home. A key place to carry out such an investigation is your kitchen, where your calendar is usually kept. As such keep such information away from eyes that are not yours.

Be your brother’s keeper
Look out for others in your neighbourhood. Observe strange activities in other houses. Let your neighbours know when something unusual is happening in their homes. That way, neighbours would be keen to keep an eye on your property and let you know of any strange activities

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