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Apply Now For CERM-ESA Scholarship 2021.


In-Country/In-Region Scholarship

  • Awarding Body: The German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • Deadline: 15 December 2020

Description of Scholarship

CERM-ESA Scholarship 2021 seeks to build a globally accepted system of learning in Sub-Saharan Africa. It aims is to bring forth development to the region. CERM-ESA Scholarship is open for exceptional Africans applying for a master’s or a doctoral degree program. Applicants should be researching on development-related topics in Varsities and higher institutions. (in Sub-Saharan African). He/she should be pursuing research and/or a teaching career.

CERM-ESA Scholarship program has had long term impact on Sub-Saharan Africa, these include: Sponsorship of researches and fortify graduate education. Involvement of qualified professionals in solving problems inhibiting development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The scholarship proram engage in structural strengthening of partner universities. Networking them with other higher institutions.

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The objectives of the (CERM-ESA) Scholarship program are:

Train qualified graduates to manned the vacant positions in their region.

Augmentation of women as well as the less privileged groups Strengthening of partnering institutions with financial, organizational and personal capacities.

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DAAD scholarship program is inline with the “In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Program”. First target is University Staffs, then the public sector. Due to high demand of trained personnel in academics.

The scholarship targets graduates and postgraduates with a first degree or master’s degree. (Depending on which programme applied for; master’s programme or a doctoral programme ).

Applicant must come from the Sub-Saharan Africa and is pursuing a Master’s or PhD program, either in

Native land: Scholarships for Students who are studying in their motherland or country of resident . (In-Country Scholarships).

In some other Sub-Saharan African country: Students who want to study in their home country are awarded Scholarships. (In-Region scholarship)

Eligible Countries/ Regions – Sub-Saharan Africa.

Gender Restrictions – Not stated

Age Restrictions – Not stated

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

All master candidates must have completed their University Bachelor’s degree program. (three or four years).

Must have completed two years master’s degree program from a university. (Doctoral candidates )

Must have earned First class or a second class upper division

Must show commitment and strong affinity to education.

Must be well acquainted with the language of instruction.

Must have completed his/her University degree in 6 years or less before time of application.

Must be an Indigene or a permanent resident in any of the Sub-Saharan African country.

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Applicants should be:

  • A public university Staff member   
  • The DAFI-programme Alumni   
  • Potential research staff or a teaching candidate.   
  • The public service.
  • Underprivileged groups and female candidates are encouraged to enroll for the scholarship programme.

The duration for the scholarship is one year. Not withstanding, if the candidate demonstrates some level of satisfactory progress. He/She can apply for an extension. As soon as CERM-ESA receives the application for extension, it will be granted.

The following fields are eligible for the scholarship program:

Master’s in Education .

PhD in Sociology of Education.

The duration of the PhD which is generally three years. for Master programme is two years, Both programme starts on September 2021. Procedure for application of scholarship:

Duly filled DAAD application form, the form is available in the DAAD-Portal.

Applicants Curriculum vitae and a list of publications should be included; if applicable. (The CV should be in European specimen form)

A timetable as well as a letter of motivation, if applicable.

For Master 1 and PhD 2, should provide a recommendation letter by a university lecture.

Admission letter from the host institution, university or network

A copy of travel passport

He/She should provide information on the UNHCR registration. (If applicant is a refugee)

Information on recognition of the university degree in the host country, if available.

Visit the CERM-ESA Scholarships 2021 for more information


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