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10 Best Exotic Couples Getaway Locations For You


Love, they say, is a beautiful thing. To help you spice up that romantic love, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most spectacular couples getaway locations around the globe. Read on as we explore these fascinating vacation locations for you and yours.

Bali (Indonesia)

Bali Resort

On our list of couples getaway locations for you, is one Situated in the urban area of Ubud, a place where museums and galleries, good food, and music festivals call home. It’s an amazing vacation location for you and your boo. There are several romantic hotels scattered across the town to suit your taste. You can settle in an environment close to nature and wildlife or a beach-front suite overlooking the Indian Ocean. The choice is yours.

A fascinating event to experience with your loved one is the Kecak Fire Dance. It performed on several locations on the island but, visitors are more intrigued by the performance at Uluwatu, where it is formed at sunset.

To make your getaway even more memorable, you can have a romantic dinner to remember at a riverside restaurant in the town. Here, you enjoy a candle-lit dinner as you watch the waters rise while you treat yourselves to delicious cuisine with a bottle of your favorite wine.

Kauai (Hawaii)


Immerse yourselves in the loving arms of nature as you experience the beautiful outdoors of Kauai. During your time here, you can engage in activities like surfing, diving, or a walk across the fascinating Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Also, there are beautiful beaches and mountains you and your partner can explore.

After an exciting day of exploring new terrain, you can go for a relaxing couples massage at any of the spas of your choice. At this couples’ getaway location, you’re bound to have the experience to cherish.

Big Sur (California)

Big Sur

This list will be incomplete without including this vacation location. Known to have arguably the most beautiful coastline in the world, and one of the most stunning couples getaway locations the Big Sur is the perfect place for you. It is the perfect spot for those dreamy couple photos like those you only see in movies. There are several romantic inns and hotels spread across the place, from a beautiful landscape to great photos. As for where to eat, you’re covered also. Beautifully furnished restaurants can be found here, serving delicious meals prepared by talented chefs.

Amelia Island (Florida)


Are you in search of some old-school refined romance? The Amelia Islands is here for you. Here, you’ll find appealing beaches that span over 10 miles. The mansions designed in Victorian style, horse-ride carriages, and other Amelia islands’ features create the ideal setting for a classical old-fashioned romance.

New Orleans (Louisiana)

New Orleans

Some claim the city was made for lovers. Well, whether this claim is true or not doesn’t change the fact that New Orleans is a fascinating place to be. As you walk down its bustling streets, you hear the melodious sounds of instruments playing in the background. There are lots of places to enjoy delicious meals and jazz clubs for you and your lover to dance to good music till your feet hurt.

Blue Ridge (Atlanta Georgia)

couples getaway
Blue Ridge

The spectacular landscape of this vacation location is easy on the eyes. Its name came due to the misty blue shade that can be seen as you observe its mountainous terrain. And, as you can imagine, it is packed with all you need for that romantic getaway you’ll never forget. You can take a helicopter tour to explore the town or go on foot to uncover its numerous attractions. Where to eat and sleep? There are luxurious hotels and beautifully furnished restaurants in town for you and your boo to have a couples getaway with comfortable stay.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


The beautiful city of Amsterdam is a thrilling vacation location for lovers. There’s something magical about this city. Walking through its canals, holding hands as you see the beautifully lit waterways and moored boats is sure to re-ignite an already ignited flame between you and yours. You can spend your couples getaway exploring galleries and museums, taking stops to treat yourselves to some street food. You can take a romantic boat ride at night or have some alone time with your partner in any luxurious hotels in the city.

Paros and Antiparos (Greece)

couples getaway
Paros and Antiparos Greece

Like you and yours, there are Paros and Antiparos. Two beautiful islands in the Cyclades, Greece. If you need a small and crowd-free place to stay, then Antiparos is perfect for you. It’s the smaller island of the pair, however, equal in charm. Step outdoors to treat yourselves to some freshly grilled fish as you take a sip of rich Greek wine. Also, you can explore the other island, Paros, by taking a 10 minutes boat ride to its shores. Here, you’ll also find delicious seafood, fascinating art galleries, and other remarkable attractions.

Southern Maine (New England)

Southern Maine New England

In the north-eastern parts of the United States, a city lies in wait to be explored. Southern Maine is the coastal vacation location you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy a thrilling day as you engage in several outdoor adventures. There are beautiful hotels here to have a pleasant rest after a long exciting day. The food here is simply amazing, which will have you screaming for more. Before your vacation is over, you can explore other little towns within the area like Rockport, and you’ll be amazed by what you’ll see.

Whitefish (Montana)

couples getaway
Fall White Fish Montana

We know the name “Whitefish” doesn’t speak romance at first glance; however, it is one of the cutest couples getaway locations in the US. While you’re here, you can explore Glacier National Park, go hiking, or try out biking with your lover. There several other things to do in this mountain resort town. Live music and delightful dishes are abundant in this vacation location.

The flame of love, without proper care and effort, may die out. Vacations to locations such as this help nurture the love that exists between you and your lover—keeping the flame of love burning in this world and beyond.

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