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A Guide To Croatia Visa Applications


Croatia is a lovely and safe country, and it is one of the European Union members (EU). The country is full of a lot of beautiful places and scenes good enough for sightseeing. There are numerous reasons to visit Croatia. These include tourism, work, education, business, and medical purposes. Below is the guide which will provide you with all the requirements to apply for a visa to visit Croatia.

Croatia Visa Requirements

To qualify for your travel visa to Croatia, you must meet all the requirements that are listed below.

1.      Submit Your Visa Application Form

You must possess a visa application form, which must be filled correctly with the necessary information and duly signed by you. The visa application form provides information about your purpose of traveling and your period of stay in Croatia.

2.      Get Your Passport

For your trip to Croatia, you need two passport photographs, which must be taken on a white background and valid for about three months from the time of your arrival in Croatia. You must make photocopies of the passport photographs and your travel documents that contain all valid information about your trip.

3.      Obtain Proof of Travel Health Insurance

You must possess proof of your travel health insurance, which is worth a minimum of EUR 30,000. This insurance covers all medical expenses for accidents or sudden ailments that may show up during your stay in Croatia.

4.      Obtain Proof of Accommodation

The proof of accommodation is another document you must have because it provides full information about where you will be lodging during your stay in Croatia. If it is a hotel, you must provide documents that show your room reservation and payment for it. And if you will not lodge in a hotel but will be staying in a private residence, you must show your invitation letter as proof that you have an invitation and therefore have a place to stay.

5.      Show Proof of Sufficient Funds to Cover The Duration Of Your Stay In Croatia

This proof of funds document contains the bank statements for a minimum of 3 months, a letter from your employer which shows the full details of your salary, and any other documents that can be proof of your stay in the country.

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6.      Book A Return Ticket

It is necessary to provide a return ticket because it contains proof that you will surely leave the country after your stay date in Croatia.


There are two types of Croatia Visa: the ‘short-stay and the ‘long-stay visas. The period and the purpose of your stay in Croatia largely determine the type of Visa you will purchase for your journey.

1. Short-Stay Visa: This type of Visa allows you to be in the country for a short period, which is at most 90 days within 180 days. It can be offered as single, double, or multiple entries. Examples of short-stay Visa are tourist visas, business visas, medical treatment visas. However, some countries are not members of the European Union (EU) and do not need a Croatian visa for short-term purposes before traveling into the country.

2. Long-Stay Visa: This type of Visa is meant for travelers who intend to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days. They must get a temporary residence permit together with their travel visa.  Examples of Long-stay visas are Work Visa, Student Visa, and Family Visa. The Family Visa is meant for only non-EU family members of Croatian citizens or legal residents who want to be with their family members in Croatia.


Countries with Croatia Visa Exemptions

 Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU). So, countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and other EU members can travel to Croatia with only their passports without any other visa requirements. But they cannot stay longer than 90days in the country. There are some other countries where Schengen also does not need a visa before entering Croatia. However, visitors from those countries can only embark on a short-stay trip for a maximum of 90days. Therefore, check the countries on this list to know if your country is exempted from obtaining a visa before they can travel into Croatia or not.


The minimum visa fee required for every traveler to process visa applications is 69 US dollars. This is for all Visa types and categories, although this basic fee may differ from one country to another. However, children below 12 years of age do not need to pay for a Croatian visa. But they will have to pay other service fees. Ensure you adhere strictly to the payment instructions as directed by the travel agents while submitting your application form. For more information, you can click here.

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You can apply for a Croatia visa after you have read and understood the following steps below.

  • Complete the Application Form: Get your application form and be sure to fill and complete it with the necessary details. Immediately after you complete the form, you will receive a PIN and a serial number. Keep these secure because you may be required to provide them later on. After completing this, you can then print out the application form.
  • Get the Needed Documents: You must make provisions for all the needed supporting documents. The type of Visa that you wish to apply for shows your purpose for traveling to Croatia. This Visa will determine the documents which you must acquire and make ready.
  • Book an Appointment: The next thing to be done is to book an appointment at any Visa Application center and make sure you show up on the fixed date to complete the application process
  • Make Your Payment: Go through your documents properly before you go on to make your payment. Your payment for Croatia Visa may vary from others based on the specific visa application center’s requirements.
  • Submit the application: The last thing to be done is to submit your application form and other documents on the appointment date, which you have earlier fixed. You must submit the form yourself or through an authorized agent acting on your behalf.

Once you have carried out the steps above, you will just need to wait for a short period for the Embassy to process the visa application. And as soon as your visa application is approved, you will be notified. Then you are free and have the legal right to embark on your trip to Croatia.

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All countries from the EU, EEA, and UK citizens are all allowed to travel into Croatia without any restriction. They must possess and present proof of their Covid-19 PCR test, which affirms that they are negative. This test result must not be older than 2 days. However, travelers from other countries must present their tangible reasons for visiting the country. They will also be required to show proof of a negative covid-19 PCR test, which must be less than 48 hours.

For more information about all the regulations guiding the entry into Croatia, click here.

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