Sure Steps To Visiting The Amazing Democratic Republic Of Congo In 2021

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The Democratic Republic of Congo, otherwise called Congo-Kinshasa, is the biggest country in Central Africa. If you are looking for extravagant safaris, simple wilderness, and a place to loosen up in Africa, then the DRC is for you.
Note that the Democratic Republic of the Congo isn’t the same as the Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville.

D.R. Congo

Do you need a visa to visit DRC?

Unless you are from a visa-excluded country, the answer is yes.
Citizens of Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe can visit this country without a visa

Administrative holders of strategic travel papers do not need a candidates’ visa. Holders of this administrative paper from Angola don’t need a visa.  The same goes for Iran and South Africa.

However, other visitors to the Democratic Republic of the Congo have to acquire a visa from one of DRC’s diplomatic missions.

Categories Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo Visa

  • Tourist/Travel visa
  • Flying visa
  • Air terminal/Port visa
  • Foundation visa

Visa Application Guidelines

Here are guidelines to follow as you apply for a Democratic Republic of Congo visa;

  • Legitimate passport.
  • One application structure of present date and endorsed by the candidate
  • Personal photographs.
  • Global immunization results or test sheets, or confirmation from a doctor must be handy. It must be six months old.
  • State your plan in DRC.
  • Have a return ticket.

Should an occurrence of a guide for work arise, the candidate must:

  • Show a letter from the sending firm. This letter will express the reason for your travel. It must show sponsorship too.
  • Get a French letter approved by the immigration service of DRC.
  • If there should be an occurrence of vacationers:
  • The vacationer must show evidence of assets (for example, bank statements).
  • Evidence of work (for example, a letter from your manager).
  • Show records identifying with your visit to DRC. For example, a greeting from your contacts from your sending country, show your visit-plan.
  • For minors, show your birth certificate or age declaration and submit.
  • For minors, going with one parent, get assent from the other parent (if parents are not divorced).
  • Traveling with no guardian at all, make sure your parents authenticate and give consent to your travel. Tender this letter.

Application Fees

  • 100 US $: One month/single section
  • 150 US $: One month/various section
  • 175 US $: Two months/single section
  • 200 US $: Two months/different section
  • 300 US $: Three months/,various passage
  • 400 US $: a half year/various passage

How To Get A Democratic Republic Of Congo Visa

How To Visit The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Get a visa from one of its diplomatic Mission in your country. Countries whose nationals get a pass on appearance follow a 7-day on appearance process. This pass on arrival means if a mission isn’t in your country, you can get it in DRC.

  • Get a Passport.
  • Get an airline ticket.
  • It is unlikely not to find a mission in any country in the globe.
  • Get a tourist visa—this tourist visa is the best advice.
  • Get a tourist/traveler visa. With this, entry is valid.

Travelers and sightseers are to present a letter of greeting. Ensure you submit a sanctioned letter of greeting to immigration officers. This greeting is a letter from a DRC individual or association. This greeting shows that a traveler or sight-seer, or explorer has no contact in DRC and needs supervision.

Visa on Appearance

  • Residents of Kenya, Mauritius, and Tanzania need a visa on appearance to visit for as long as 7 days.
  • Nationals from a country with no DRC government office or mission can apply for a visa affirmation as they enter the country.
  • A letter of solicitation through mail gets to the Director GĂ©nĂ©rale de Migration. This mail will have a copy of the candidate’s visa and, if need be, the candidate’s sending association.
  • This affirmation mail hands the candidate his or her visa automatically. This mail will give a candidate a sum total of 7 days -and extendable -to stay in the DRC.

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • All travelers over the age of 11 must undergo the Covid-19 test.
  • The Institut National de la RecherchĂ© Biomedicale (INRB) does the test. Or any clinical office affirmed by the INRB does the testing.
  • Mature travelers above 11 must take an obligatory exam.
  • There is now no track and follow necessities for appearances.
  • Travelers must isolate for seven days in government-designated isolation centers.
  • After seven days, and your test shows you are free from Covid-19, you will enter into the DRC.
  • Travelers withdrawing from entering the DRC because of Covid-19 positive status must give prior confirmation.
  • Give confirmation of a positive Covid-19 test to the INRB or an endorsed clinical office.
  • Do this 72 hours before takeoff.
  • Clinical screenings and temperature checks are a necessity.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wear your mask at all times.


  • What mode of payment does DRC accept?
  • All installments with cash only.
  • Is there a best time to apply for my Democratic Republic of Congo visa?
  • Anytime is fine. A 1-2 month before the actual date of intending travel is a better pick too.
  • Do I have to send my passport to get a Democratic Republic of Congo visa?

Yes, you must. This verifies your person. This is mandatory for identification. Visa demands without your identification aren’t the right way to get your visa. Use these processes or mediums to send your passports: FedEx, UPS, Express Mail, or Certified Mail.

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