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Discover a Better Way to Book Business Travel


When it comes to booking business trips, travel managers have a lot to organize. You need to stay within the company budget, manage multiple travel providers, and keep track of open tabs during the booking process. Working with a traditional travel agent or travel management company can be slow. You could wait days for booking confirmations and lengthy customer service delays. 

Luckily, there’s now a better way to book business travel. More and more companies are using modern self—booking travel management solutions like TravelPerk. With TravelPerk you can save time, stay within budget and guarantee flexible, safe travel options. 

Here’s how we’re shaking up the travel industry and taking the headache out of booking business travel. 

First-class functionality: book and manage everything in one place 

Gone are the days of dealing with multiple stakeholders and endless customer service queues to book business travel. TravelPerk’s integrated online booking tool allows you to book, manage and report on corporate travel all in one user-friendly place. 

TravelPerk’s business travel tool gives you full control and visibility of your booking. Stay on top of your travel spend and track expenses in real-time, with reports created in easy-to-use dashboards. There’s even the option for one-click integration with the expense management software of your choice. Take the stress out of travel budgeting and receive just one invoice rather than hundreds for each person’s individual travel expenses. 

You can also receive actionable insights based on the latest travel data. Implementing travel policies is simple with TravelPerk. Once you have uploaded your travel policy to the platform it is integrated into all business travel searches. This means employees don’t need to scan through long documents trying to find policy details – simply click and book. Approving business trips is also hassle-free with automated approvals, all in one convenient place, on one straightforward travel platform. 

Access the world’s largest travel inventory

Unlike some travel websites, TravelPerk’s platform allows you to access the best fares and enjoy exclusive rates. 

TravelPerk offers a comprehensive and vast array of options for all kinds of corporate travel including

AirfaresRail travelCar rental Accommodation (including Airbnb)

We have the largest inventory of accommodation and travel services on the market. This means we can offer our corporate clients the best corporate rates. Many hotel options also offer extra perks like early check-in and late check-out. Our user interface is simple and easy to use so that any one of your travelers can book while easily following your policy. 

Using the platform, you can do all your travel booking in just a few clicks, saving you the hassle of trying to keep track of multiple travelers’ details. Our travel booking platform also offers more clarity for your travelers, so they can view all their itineraries and travel details – no more endless email threads to confirm dates and times. 

Flexible and safe travel arrangements

Missed connection? Lost luggage? Flight canceled? There are a lot of things that can go wrong with business travel – especially when you are responsible for so many travelers and multiple bookings. It’s essential to have flexible and safe booking arrangements if, and when, the worst does happen. 

With TravelPerk, you can cancel any flights, hotels, trains, or car rental for any reason and receive an 80% refund as part of our FlexiPerk policy. FlexiPerk’s cancellation policy gives you access to the most flexible business travel ever. Book any flight, hotel, car, or train and cancel at any time. No stressful back and forth —just your money back. . 

We know that traveler safety is your top priority. The global pandemic highlighted how important it is to keep up to date with health and safety issues that affect business travel. That’s why TravelPerk offers you the latest travel alerts and traveler safety information, with updates on global travel risks, rated from low to high-risk profiles. 

book business travel
book business travel

24/7 world-class customer support 

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to booking global business travel. Things can change at short notice. With a traditional travel company, it’s not always as easy as it should be to speak to a customer service agent and get the support you need. Many online booking services are manned by chatbots that make travelers go round in circles. 

With TravelPerk, you will always be able to reach a customer support expert, who will be happy to help resolve any issues. We aim to provide a 15-second response time to give you the best corporate travel experience possible. 

Book corporate travel and accommodation to any destination safe in the knowledge that you are always just a quick call away from expert help with booking issues and travel needs.

Business travel booking made easy

Leave your business travel stresses of the past behind and get a smarter, simpler, better business travel program with TravelPerk’s travel management software.

To find out how TravelPerk can help you streamline your business travel management process, contact us to schedule your free live demo today.

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