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Edmonton Travel Guide: Exploring The Beauty Of This Canadian City In 2024


When exploring Edmonton County, use the Edmonton Travel Guide. Discover key landing spots like Edmonton International Airport, Parkland Airport, Edmonton/Twin Island Airpark, Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport, Edmonton/Gartner Airport, and Stony Plain Airport.

Once you arrive at Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, it is easy to get indecisive as regards the things to do because there are countless options available.
Do not fret, Globemigrant is here to help you decide.

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There are various destinations in Edmonton that will leave you feeling that your visit was worthwhile. We encourage you to start your tour with a visit to the West Edmonton Mall.

This mall is often described as a ‘tribute to extravagance.’ The West Edmonton Mall is home to over 800 stores and 110 restaurants. It doesn’t stop there.

There is a wave pool, an amusement park, a lake, a dolphin lagoon, a roller coaster, an ice skating rink, and a replica of Columbus’ ship, the ‘Santa Maria.’ This mall is so big one can actually get trapped in it for days.
Next, we recommend a visit to the Alberta Art Gallery. This prestigious gallery has grown from having borrowed art to containing over 5,000 works in its permanent gallery.

The gallery even rotates its artworks in various exhibitions. It also invites traveling displays which include displays by local and international artists.
Art lovers can also visit the Royal Alberta Museum or the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

If you are in need of a place to unwind, visit the Fort Edmonton Park and take a trip down history. The park uses buildings and costumed guides to recreate different periods in the history of Edmonton.

Nature buffs may also visit the 80-acre Devonian Botanic Garden to see diverse flowers and gardens. The Klondike Jet Boats and the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, should not be left out.

Edmonton Travel Guide-Heritage Village

If you’re planning a trip to Edmonton, utilize this Edmonton Travel Guide. Schedule a consultation with our travel experts who can assist you in booking a flight. We help identify the most budget-friendly travel times, saving you from unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, we provide recommendations for affordable hotels, simplifying the booking and reservation process online.


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