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10 Best European Countries To Work And Study Right Now


Studying is the activity or process of learning about something by reading, memorizing facts, attending school, etc.

Work is a job or activity that you do regularly, especially to earn money.

Finding European sovereign states where you can work and study is difficult. But with this article, you will discover ten European countries where you can easily work and study without much stress.

Europe is full of out-of-this-world appeal to different students from different people. Ranging from historical landscapes, beautiful Universities, different landmarks. And full of opportunities for students like you to learn hands-on or theoretically. You can build healthy relationships, connections with highly experienced people and help the European country’s economic welfare you decide to go to.

What People Ignore While Intending To Work And Study Abroad?

work and study
  • While numerous individuals communicate in English everywhere globally, we generally propose learning a touch of the nearby language before you travel anyplace.
  • Significantly, you don’t depend on English and anticipate that the locals should take that into account. We have discovered that even the littlest exertion in learning the neighborhood language will go an extremely long route with local people, and no one can tell when you should utilize your newly discovered language abilities.
  • Also, numerous EU nations can be similarly just about as costly as living anywhere else in the world. So, ensure you’re aware of your financial plan! Then again, there are a few nations (Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, and so on) where your cash will go far – yet be set up to make a spending plan for yourself in any case!

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  • Identification/visa issues – First things first, ensure your visa is legitimate. A few nations additionally require your visa to be legitimate for a minimum amount of time even after you’ve left their country.  For instance, you may require another identification on the off chance that you will be abroad from January to April, and your visa lapses in May of that very year.  Each nation is unique so ensure you investigate identification and visa necessities in advance to give you abundant opportunity to design or plan likewise.
  • Identified with visas, you may likewise have to ensure you have sufficient clear pages in your identification for your visas.
  • Much of the time, the necessity is that it should be legitimate in any event a half year after you expect to leave (toward the finish of your examination or work responsibility).
  • Furthermore, movement authorities may request that you confirm that you have sufficient cash to support yourself in the country for a while. These subtleties can regularly be neglected or possibly the measure of lead time needed to prepare!
  • Zoom in to learn however much you can about your host town before arranging outings to adjoining nations. A great many people set aside some effort to learn things like what the climate will resemble, novel social focuses, how to get around and what things cost.

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  • Generally, individuals are so eager to travel to another country. They don’t consider the chance of being influenced by culture except once they show up. Be ready that culture stun can happen to anybody!
  • Moreover, numerous countries are an extended get-away for the greater part of August, late December, and early January, which implies that it will be more earnest to apply for temporary positions or start working during these occasions.

While Studying Abroad, Can I Work?

Work and study

Is working abroad while studying possible? Yes. Definitely! But note all places have their different requirements and qualifications. Some country’s paperwork ate a lot more than others. In this article, you will understand those necessary things concerning work and study abroad and how to go about them.


  • Ireland shows off a lot of history and without visiting its ancient cliffs and structures. You have not seen Ireland.
  • If you’re applying for a work grant, you are required to show evidence that you can afford your tuition fees.
  • You can work for about 21 hours a week during the study period.
  • You could also decide to work in sectors where you are studying.


  • In a population of about 5.9 million, Denmark has a student population of 25,000.
  • Denmark offers more than 1400 fields of study with 710 degree offering programs.
  • You can be sure of studying and working in the Denmark economy because they have a deep Industry-based system.
  • Denmark’s educational section is regarded as one of the best in Europe.

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  • Sweden has about 10.3 million people. And 39,000 international students.
  • Suppose you have been searching for where to study and work abroad. Germany is the best option because of its ancestral buildings, standard education, and equality.
  • You can reside and work in Sweden for as long as your visa allows.
  • You will always have the opportunity to learn the language of an international Language: Swedish.
  • You can decide to teach, babysit, research, interpret as Jobs in Sweden.


  • Spain has about 45.8 million people. And about 61,000 international students.
  • Spain’s cost of living and educational institutions are worth experiencing because of their ease.
  • You can also agree to a contract where you work temporarily.
  • Speaking Spanish would be an added advantage.

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  • France boasts of about 68.1 million people and 21,000 international students.
  • In France, you can get access to diverse crepes, norms, and fashion.
  • You can decide to work as much as 970 hours a year in France.
  • In France, you can study and learn at universal institutions of learning.
  • France has over 3,100 higher educational institutions.


  • Germany is in Europe. And it boasts gorgeous buildings and affordable tuition.
  • Germany will enable you to seek a lot of educational opportunities once you have excellent grades.
  • You can study and work in Germany once you gain permission from the foreigner’s office.
  • For international students, tuition is FREE.
  • You will always find opportunities related to your course of studies.

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  • There are about 8.9 million people in Austria. The total population of International Students is 89,000.
  • Austria promotes a mixture of history, stronghold, and creativity.
  • In Austria, the process of working and studying is easy to get and practice.
  • Austria boasts of being ranked in the top five of Europe’s best academic quality.


  • There are about 10.8 million people in Greece and 26,000 international students
  • Greece provides a blend of sensual traditions, teachings, and training.
  • Undergraduate degrees for European Union students are free.
  • Greece has a manageable cost of living.
  • With study and work in Greece, you have access to islands of different sorts and satisfaction.

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  • There are about 83,000 international students in the Netherlands. In a population of 17.4 million.
  • You can easily find a study opportunity in the Netherlands.
  • You could always continue working after graduating in the Netherlands because the Danish Government actively searches for international talents.
  • You get to meet people from different backgrounds and places while studying and working.


  • Switzerland has a population of 8.6 million and with about 51,000 international students.
  • Switzerland’s land students tend to be the happiest on earth.
  • You have an opportunity to learn and work in Switzerland.

Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Netherlands, and Switzerland are the best countries to study and work abroad. All these locations promise happiness and the ability to avoid the financial stress that comes with not having someone to sponsor one’s work or study. The next time you want to travel abroad for work and study, ensure you read these articles to understand how it is done.

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