10 Expensive Universities in London

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We broaden our minds when we learn. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the ten most expensive universities in London. On our list, you’ll find some of the most prestigious universities in England – some up to the Ivy League standards.

The UK is home to world-leading educational researchers. With this, tuition fees are one important factor in the UK, and when universities around the world are ranked, their tuition fees significantly come into consideration.

We’ve observed that the most prestigious schools with high educational standards are usually very expensive. Why? This is because any university with an expensive tuition fee is interested in investing heavily in its facilities, professors, and services to provide top-notch educational services.

“How much are universities in uk?” – Read on as we take you through 10 of the most expensive universities in UK.

10. University of Bath

expensive universities in London

This university is known academically for its excellence. This excellence comes at a high price, one of the most expensive universities in UK. This Students pay between £18,900 to £23,400 per year.

The primary aim of any university or college offering programs to students is that they (the students), in turn, use the knowledge gotten in bettering the condition of their immediate society. Bath is the number one university in the UK with a significant marketing faculty. It has great support for international students.

9. Loughborough University

expensive universities in London

This university has a community-oriented perspective to learning and hosts one of the largest student careers fairs every year in the UK. Because of how community-driven Loughborough is, admitting students from diverse cultural backgrounds is a strong point. This suggests that over 20% of its student population are students outside the UK and the EU. Students pay between £19,100 to £23,100 per academic session.

8. Durham University

expensive universities in London

Thirty-one subjects in Durham rank top ten in the UK. Ranking the top 10 in the country for specific subjects is a huge feat, and this suggests the professionalism of Durham’s teachers and tutors. Another contributing factor to an institute or college’s top ranking is its provision of essential learning facilities. For top-tier facilities, students get to pay top-tier fees. A student pays between £21,730 to £22,900 a year for tuition fees, earning Durham university a spot on our list of the most expensive universities in UK.

Campus life is significant to a student’s growth too, and Durham being aware of this affords, through its campuses, the best cross-dimensional student experience in the UK. Also, the research community in Durham is highly competitive, a good one for students to benefit from.

7. London School of Economics and Political Science

expensive universities in London

Next on our list of the most expensive universities in London is the London School of Economics. Each student pays £22,430 per year. After graduation, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has maintained a high employability rate for all its graduates. This is a record it holds above other UK schools. Not that the LSE employs all its graduates, it does not.

One key factor the LSE recognizes is the adequate equipping of its graduates with the right resources to have a competitive advantage in the labour market. Also, 50% of its student body are persons from across the planet. This diversity definition is one of the beauty LSE carries.

6. University College London (UCL)

expensive universities in London

The UCL accommodates over 18,000 students. All come from multifaceted and multidimensional backgrounds. This intercultural reality of the UCL makes it one of the most diverse universities in the UK. Each student pays between £19,970 to £34,660 per year.

Facilities in UCL are top-notch. Students are given the best service and facilities to help prepare and better their personalities for the world to see. UCL secures its position on the sixth spot on our list of expensive universities in London with this hefty fee of up to 34,660 per year.

5. University of St Andrews

This university is considered a Scottish university, as it attributes itself to a global orientation. Over 40% of its student body are from outside the UK and the EU. Each student pays between £25,100 to £32,910 per academic session, making it one of the most expensive universities in Uk.

Over the years, St Andrews maintains its diverse cultural student-body attribute. With its wide range of subjects – 25 of them rank high in the UK. The subject ranking is measured by how well students from a particular university perform in one or many subjects in the UK following a given period.

4. University of Oxford

Oxford does not need an introduction. It is one of the world’s most renowned tertiary institutes. Most world leaders, innovators, chief executive officers, and company heads were all alumni of this institute. Each student pays between £26,770 to £37,510 per year. Oxford has a study tutorial system that is personalized.

This system allows a student have more contact hours with their tutors. This time with these tutors is spent discussing academics, ensuring that a student properly understands a course or a concept of a course/subject they find hard to grasp instantly.

3. University of Warwick

At this institution, each student pays between £21,220 to £43,170 yearly. It is renowned for its business management, economics, and philosophy as top-ranking subjects in the UK. This stat follows Warwick’s student performance in these subjects. Warwick has a high graduate employability rate. Most graduate students from Warwick end up with well-known quality research skills.

2. Imperial College London

Here, students have access to world-class educational facilities. These facilities allow for ease in learning. These world-class facilities enable students of the Imperial College London to keep up with the ever-evolving tides of time and technology. Most graduate students of the ICL have skills that are contemporary and in vogue. Each student pays between £32,000 to £45,300 per year.

1. University of Cambridge

Lastly, we have the University of Cambridge on our list of the most expensive universities in UK. This institution has fame no other university in the UK has been able to rival, yet. It is every student’s dream to go to Cambridge.

Everyone wants Cambridge because their educational facilities are top-notch, and it changes or is replaced with new information and technology per time. In Cambridge, each student pays between £22,227 to £58,038 per year for tuition fees. This fee is invested in Cambridge’s educational facilities. These facilities, in turn, helps students perform better in and out of school.

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