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Florida Bill Seeks to Repeal Stringent Immigration Regulations


TAMPA, Florida: Orlando-based Democratic politicians will advocate for the “Welcoming Florida Act” on Wednesday. State Senator Victor Torres has presented a measure (SB 1598) that would repeal some of the severe immigration regulations implemented during the last parliamentary session.

SB 1718 levies severe fines on organisations with over 25 employees who do not utilise E-Verify to crack down on companies that recruit illegal workers. Moreover, it gives extra money to the state’s contentious “Unauthorised Aliens Transport Programme,” which notoriously transported asylum seekers on false pretences from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. The legislation even considers travelling over state boundaries to enter Florida with an illegal family member to be “human smuggling,” invalidating certain out-of-state driver’s licences. It should come as no surprise that some immigrants have completely left the state due to the terror this law has instilled.

The state’s immigrant population has been shaken by the broad anti-immigration legislation known as Senate Bill (SB) 1718, which was signed into law by Governor Ron Desantis of Florida in May. The law, which took effect on July 1st of this year, may be detrimental to Florida’s economy as well as illegal immigrants living in the state.

What You Must Understand About The Immigration Regulations

Senate Victor Torres was the sponsor of Senate Bill 1598, often called the “Welcoming Florida Act.”

Julia Aguayo says this measure does not contribute to strengthening the state’s immigration system.

Supporting the measure that she claims attempts to counteract legislation approved last year is Danielle Hernandez. The measure would do away with clauses about patient status information gathered by hospitals and the need for an employer to fire an employee upon discovering they lack legal status in the state.

Additionally, it would shield citizens from the unlawful application of immigration law.

The founder of Libertad, Club Hispano Republicano of Pasco County, Julia Aguayo De Hassler, claims that these proposals do not contribute to the state’s immigration laws being strengthened.

She stated that the folks who have been here for years and the thousands of people this government has let enter without doing the necessary background checks should be distinguished.

Proponents of this idea argue that it would challenge existing legislation that criminalises individuals who transport those who are in the country illegally and that it would be a positive move for the immigrant population.

Immigration lawyer Danielle Hernandez stated, “It seems to clear up some misconceptions and probably some things that would have been challenged.”  If you are interested in knowing about other scholarship programmes in the US and Europe, kindly book an appointment with our study and work abroad consultants.

The Florida legislature has a supermajority of Republicans, so the measure may struggle uphill. However, there are other suggested immigration bills.

Additionally, Senate Bill 1036 would subject immigrants who were previously deported and subsequently apprehended for reentering the country illegally to more severe criminal penalties.

Senate Bill 598 calls for the federal government to “fix the legal immigration system” and bolster border security.



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