Monday, April 22, 2024

French Dream on Hold: Visa Woes Linger for British Second Homeowners After Brexit


A French court has thwarted attempts to permit British expatriates to extend their stay in France beyond 90 days without a visa. For many Britons, owning a charming stone cottage in Provence or a sun-drenched villa on the Riviera was a dream, offering escape from rainy skies and a taste of the continental lifestyle. 

However, Brexit has cast a long shadow over this idyllic vision, introducing the harsh reality of French visa limitations. Before the UK departed from the European Union, British second homeowners enjoyed the freedom to come and go between their French abodes and British lives. But with the 2020 withdrawal agreement, the Schengen Area’s 90-day rule snapped shut, imposing a strict French visa limitation on British stays. 

This new reality meant that Britons could only spend a maximum of 90 days out of every 180 in their French havens, significantly disrupting their established routines and cherished getaways.

The frustration of French visa limitations was palpable, particularly for retirees and seasoned French enthusiasts who envisioned spending extended periods soaking up the Gallic charm. The 90-day limit felt arbitrary and restrictive, forcing them to meticulously calculate their visits and juggle travel plans, often leaving them yearning for more time amidst their beloved French landscapes.

Recognizing the plight of British second homeowners, a glimmer of hope emerged in November 2023. In a bid to assuage concerns and potentially boost local economies, the French Senate voted through an amendment to the country’s immigration bill. This proposed change promised a reprieve from the visa limitation, offering British homeowners the automatic right to long-stay visas. 

This seemingly positive development ignited excitement, with visions of leisurely French sojourns unburdened by visa constraints dancing in the minds of many. However, reality intervened just as dreams of extended French stays were taking root. France’s highest constitutional court, the Conseil d’Etat, threw a wrench into the works in a blow to British hopes. 

Ruling the amendment unconstitutional, the court effectively quashed the proposed relaxation of French Visa Limitations. This decision, announced in January 2024, dashed the aspirations of countless Britons who had envisioned carefree summers and cozy winter retreats in their French escapes.

The court’s verdict leaves the French visa limitation firmly in place, forcing British second homeowners to navigate the existing visa application process if they wish to spend more than 90 days in their French properties. This complex and bureaucratic process can be a significant deterrent, further dampening the appeal of owning a French second home.

The ongoing saga surrounding the French Visa  highlights the practical consequences of Brexit, particularly for individuals with established ties to European countries. While the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the dream of unfettered access to cherished French retreats for British second homeowners remains on hold, indefinitely shrouded in the complexities of post-Brexit visa regulations.

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