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Application For The 2021 Gerda Henkel Foundation Scholarship At The University Of Ghana – Apply Now


Gerda Henkel Foundation scholarship Enhancing Doctoraltraining in the humanities in West Africa Call for Ph.D. applications

  • Awarding Body: Gerda Henkel foundation
  • Host Institution: University of Ghana
  • Deadline: January 31st, 2021

Description of award

The Gerda Henkel Foundation at the University of Ghana awards the scholarship to support humanities students going in for a Doctorate degree. The grant is fully funded by the Gerda Henkel foundation of Germany, under a scheme titled “Enhancing Doctoral Training in The Humanities in West Africa.”

The Ghana university has been chosen as the regional center to train students for doctorate degrees in the historical humanities.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible Countries/ Region: western African region
  • Gender Restrictions: no gender restrictions
  • Age Restrictions: No age restrictions

Course Eligibility: the history of art, law, science, philosophy, Islamic studies, early and history studies, Archaeology, and other studies with historical components, etc.

General Eligibility Requirements:

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Applicants must have/be:

  • acquainted with the instructed languages considered
  • academically gained an in any of the disciplines listed above
  • documents or credentials to show academic excellence
  • show motivation toward pursuing an academic career
  • be a dwelling national inhabitant of the western African countries

Documents expected are

  • transcripts for graduates and undergraduates
  • valid original certificates for graduates and undergraduates
  • a page motivational statement (1 page) with a heading that carries a motivational message and your name
  • doctorate research proposal of a maximum of 3page (1.5 line spacing)
  • your doctorate degree research proposal must have your project title and a background containing research problem report, objectives, scope, and methodology for research references
  • a valid curriculum vitae
  • a copy of national identity card and a passport

Value of scholarship

Under the above given grant, the University of Ghana is fully funded and offers tuition fee waivers to scholarship applicants. This grant’s legatees will be provided financial aids that will cover the contender’s tuition fee and stretch out to the runners’ living expenses.

Here are some benefits:

  • assured stipends for students
  • tuition fee waiver for students
  • fee for living expenses
  • a 3years free study plus other expenses cover for that period
  • an air trip fare for accepted students and around air trip ticket for applicants at the end of the program
  • grants for field research
  • and a certified doctorate

Notefunding made for the applicant’s program is 3years, while the Doctorate program lasts for 4 years.

Application Instructions

  • Nominated applicants will be alerted on 31st March 2021
  • Candidates should complete the form on or before 31st January 2021. Click here
  • On the 9th of April 2021, data of the nominated students will be submitted to the Gerda Henkel Foundation in Germany
  • Between April/May, Scholarship awardees should be expectant of an incoming mail from the school
  • All nominated applicants apply to the academy for admission when the portal is open for application or visit the academy website for more info.

Concluded application credentials with essential credentials should be sent to:
The superintendent invigilator
Resource dev. and the Dept of government
P.O box L.G. 59
University of Ghana
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+233) (0)302983713
Your saved credentials should take the following form:
last name-document name-applied program, for instance,
Note: The development team in line with the pertinent departments will do an initial assessment of applications, while the Gerda Henkel foundation will do the awardees’ final assortment.

visit valid Application Website
For more info visit
For more information

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