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Get to Know These Incredible Winter Cycling Destinations


Cycling vacations are becoming increasingly popular amongst American citizens, as a push towards healthier lifestyles combines with a push towards more adventurous travel – as well as a general uptick in the number of cycle journeys undertaken by citizens. But with the winter season descending on the Western hemisphere, finding the right place to exercise your bicycle-based sensibilities can be tough. Where are the best places to go in the wintertime?


France is infamously a mecca for cyclists, being the home of one of the biggest sporting events in all of cycledom – the Tour de France. ‘Le Tour’ is a pilgrimage for many cycle enthusiasts, as it brings the best of the best together for one of the most grueling endurance races still televised. There are myriad routes that the Tour takes in, from steep mountainous roads that weave through the Apennines, Alps, and Pyrenees to taut road races through lowlands towns and cities. 

Tour de France routes are popular in bicycle tours of the country but do not define France’s love affair with the humble bicycle. Indeed, the landscapes alone are worth experiencing with the wind in your hair – and you don’t need to test your shins chasing the likes of Wiggins and Merckx to do so.


The Tour de France is barely ever limited to the country of France alone. Its forays into other countries reveal something magnificent about them too, hinting at greater rewards further into the European mainland. The Tour de France’s ‘grand depart’ from Dusseldorf in 2027 was a welcome reminder of Germany’s sheer rideability – though, again, there’s more to Germany than sporting history.

Germany’s Black Forest is also a mecca for mountain bikers, with twisting forest paths that undulate through one of the most breathtaking regions of Western Europe. There are some deeply rewarding routes that can pump adrenaline as well as serve up some of the most sublime views you could ask for.


winter cycling destinations

In trading Western Europe for Northern Europe, we find ourselves in one of the most incredible countries to explore by bike – with large thanks to its extensive flatlands. The Netherlands is a stunningly beautiful country, famously home to the tulip, the windmill, and Heineken. It is a bicycle capital in and of itself, with urban centers like Amsterdam demonstrating some of the most advancing cycling infrastructure you’ll ever see. Cycling between cities is just as easy as cycling through them.


Finally, we come to Scotland. Scotland’s edifying landscapes precede the country, with stark mountain ranges and even starker shores. This country has something of everything for every type of cycle vacationer. Steep mountains and forests provide the perfect backdrop for mountain biking, while the windy roads that connect the Highlands’ villages are ideal for leisurely touring.


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