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High School Seniors Compete for Lique Scholarships


Greater Lynn Senior Services has announced that it will accept applications from high school seniors for the Lique Scholarship.

Two students from one of the eight schools in the GLSS service region will receive the $5,000 grant. The eight schools are Lynn English High School, Lynn Classical High School, KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate, Lynn Vocational Technical Institute, St. Mary’s High School, Lynnfield High School, Saugus High School, and Swampscott High School.

About The Lique Scholarships For Seniors

According to GLSS, the scholarships are designed for students interested in or considering a career in human services who have made a difference in their community through community service. The award is named and dedicated to long-time GLSS Executive Director Vince Lique, who passed away in 2006.

“Vince’s legacy is deeply entrenched in his compassion for others. He defined success as the quality of his service to and advocacy for others, GLSS CEO Kathryn Burns stated in a press release. “I accept Vince’s thesis that an individual’s achievement is exactly proportional to the benefits gained by people around us. The Lique Human Services Scholarship recognises the individual and his contribution while encouraging others to do the same.”

Lique scholarships Apllication

Applications are due by April 5. They can be obtained from each school’s guidance office or completed online.  If you are not familiar with the many steps you need to take, you might make some costly mistakes, but that doesn’t need to happen when you can speak with our study and work consultants. They would help your navigate your application process and subsequent admission.

Lique Scholarships Eligibility

Greater Lynn Senior Services developed the Lique Human Services Scholarship to help two high school seniors from the GLSS service region of Lynn, Lynnfield, Nahant, Saugus, and Swampscott, who wish to pursue a human/community service career.

The Scholarship thus aspires to carry on Vince Lique’s legacy of supporting the needs of our communities’ most vulnerable members while demanding that all individuals be treated with dignity and respect.

The scholarship award is $5,000 and is intended to help cover the costs of a first year of college.


  1. The applicant must live in the GLSS five-town service region and be a senior at a high school.
  2. The applicant must aim to pursue an interest in a field of human/community service, such as social work, health care, counselling, or advocacy.
  3. The applicant must have a grade point average of at least 2.5.


The Scholarship Application Must Include:

1. Send your transcripts and GPA: Your academic transcript for the Lique Scholarship must be emailed or mailed from your guidance or administrative office.

2. Fill out the General Information Form: This form includes three brief questions as well as some general inquiries. Please answer the brief questions in a word processor and then paste the results into this form when finished.

Please download the Lique Scholarship Essay Portion, complete it, save it, and email it online.

4. Send two letters of recommendation: On the General Information Form, you will indicate who we should expect to get the letters from.

At least one of the letters should be from a faculty member at the school. Both letters should focus on the student’s involvement in community service and interest in human services.


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