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Discover the 10 Historic hotels in Spain


Everything is unique about Spain. There are unique architecture, grand buildings, and sites. Most of Spain’s eclectic structures are its hotels. The name hotel in Spain goes under a code name known as Paradores.

Here is a list of the top 10 historic hotels in Spain.

10. Parador de Carmona

historic hotels in Spain

It is of the 14th century and holds the position of 10th in our list of historic hotels in Spain. It was once the Moorish fortress, shared a view with the Carbones river, has a lovely designed, vaulted ceiling build. History has it that the complete makeup of this hotel is made from stone. Again, it has a stunning central courtyard, a fantastic garden view, and is quiet and calm. Visitors revel in calmness, so the Parador de Carmona is a perfect destination.

9. Parador de Ronda

historic hotels in Spain

This hotel shares a view with the Nuevo bridge that its hotel guests enjoy free Wi-Fi, and an on-site shop is around its environs. Are you looking for your automobile security? De Ronda has a safe underground parking lot, secures your automobiles for as long as your stay is, promises to keep them safe as well is atop the list of this hotel’s service.

One other notable fact about this hotel is its surrounding mountains. Are you a fan of spreading your arms wide open, calling on the breeze to come into you? The environs of De Ronda are the best spot for this kind of experience.

8. Parador de Granada

historic hotels in Spain

Testimonies say this hotel is simply thrilling. It is found within the Alhambra palace, Spain. Rooms, of course, are sophisticatedly equipped for guests’ pleasure, and comfort is sure, with each room coming with its different beautiful decorations. It has beamed ceilings, has stony archways. All rooms are contemporarily decorated. Hotel guests can request whatever they want to be changed, and it’ll be done.

7. Parador de Cordoba

This hotel has an excellent aerial night view, has as well, a fantastic nightlife experience. Are you in dire need of sitting at the poolside? This hotel poolside is seasonal. Temperature change in weather affects how its pool water feels on the skin. Its lounges are spacious and can carry as many guests as they may be. Its furniture is antique, lovely, shiny.

Also, do not forget to try out its dishes. They serve delicious, taste-bud-ticklish cuisines. The site of palm trees is one best part of this hotel. Sighting palm trees at night or walking through them gives that direct connection with nature.

6. Parador de Acros de la Frontera

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Asides from this hotel being on the list of historic hotels in Spain. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Spain. Because, looking at it from an aerial view, its architectural framework is traditional yet mind-blowing. The best part of this hotel is its central location. Anyone can easily find their way there without too much hassle.

5. Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro

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One of the most attractive spots in Malaga, and in Spain, for its gorgeous view of the bay and city of Malaga. Its culinary ancestry stands out. To date, several delicious stemming from this region comes off with a fantastic taste. Here’s one other interesting fact: it has rooftop pools and a poolside view.

4. Parador de Santiago

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It is located right next to the famous Santiago’s cathedral, has fantastic and well-decorated rooms. Trying out this hotel’s restaurant is impossible. Visitors go there. Locals, too, go there. Its cuisines are impressive and delicious. Everything about this hotel, from its structure to food to quality service, is luxury inclined. Come, and be relaxed.

3. Parador “Hostal San Marcos” de Leon

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This building dates to the 16th century. It stands between churches and stalls, has pretty, and is a must-see site in Spain putting it 3rd on our list of historic hotels in Spain.

2. Parador de Argomaniz

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This hotel is considered to be one of those places from the renaissance period. It is situated atop a mountain, the Gorbea Mountains. One thing about good hotels is how standardized their hotels are. His hotel’s restaurant stands out in terms of delicacies as well. It has a free parking space and a bar to cool off. There are beautiful gardens, enough space to take strolls around, fresh air, shares few kilometres with the Graco national park, and has a free Wi-Fi option too. Nothing beats a beautiful interior design. This hotel’s interior décor will leave your head upturned for a few seconds and it is one of the historic hotels in Spain.

1. Parador de Toledo

1st on our list of historic hotels in Spain is Parador de Toledo. This hotel is situated at the heart of Spain, which is Madrid. Enjoy a serene and stunning location by booking a stay in this hotel. There are non-smoking rooms, bars, free Wi-Fi options for guests and long-distance travellers as well. Massive poolside for pool lovers. Swing that hip and bend down low in those bikinis and tops. These hotel facilities cover a host of marginalized people like the disabled.

So there you have it, the list of historic hotels in Spain.

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