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In honor of a departed soldier, Marshfield Youth Hockey Creates Scholarships


In February 2023, while fighting for the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine, Andrew Peters lost his life. Marshfield Youth Hockey creates scholarships to his hometown to remember him.

“They desired to treat Andrew to something exceptional. “We were a little surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise, so we thought it would be a good idea,” said Andrew’s father, John. All current Marshfield High School seniors are eligible to apply for the Andrew Peters Memorial Scholarship, open to students who have volunteered in their community and played minor hockey.

“We tossed around different ideas about someone going into the military; he was a big animal lover, volunteering at the pet shelter, but we were worried that that would limit so many people,” John said.

Marshfield Youth Hockey creates Scholarships: What to Know

Following his graduation in 2012, Andrew enlisted in the U.S. Army. However, he turned to hockey, a game he had played as a youngster, in an attempt to regain control over his mental health.

“He had difficulty adjusting to civilian life when he got out of the army, and so it took a little bit of prodding, but I finally convinced him to join me in playing men’s hockey, and that seemed to help him,” John stated. The Marshfield Tiger boys hockey team wore specially made military-themed jerseys with U.S. and Ukrainian flag decals on the shoulders to honor Andrew.

In addition, the American Legion Post 54 color guard assisted in starting the evening by presenting the colors, and Andrew’s parents received a personalized jersey to remember the occasion.

This year, M.Y.H.A. and the Marshfield Tiger Hockey BlueLine Club are pleased to provide our high school hockey graduates with this scholarship. March 15, 2024, is the deadline for applications.  Schedule a meeting with a globemigrant work and study consultant to discuss your specific needs and goals and to receive expert advice on how to take advantage of the newest scholarship paths, improve your chances of success, and reach your full potential abroad.

Scholarship Goals

  1. The team will award a $1,001 scholarship to a senior who exhibits tenacity, inspiration, and a sincere passion for hockey. A senior who participated in M.Y.H.A. as a young person received a $1,500 scholarship from M.Y.H.A.
  2. Raise the bar for amateur ice hockey in Marshfield, the neighboring communities, and Wisconsin.
  3. To organize and run ice hockey leagues and choose league winners to represent the league in regional, state, and national competitions.
  4. Collaborate with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (W.I.A.A.), Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (W.A.H.A.), and U.S.A. Hockey to advance amateur ice hockey.
  5. To foster and develop the attributes of mental and physical health, physical development, social adaptation, and sportsmanship in association with players and everyone else involved in amateur ice hockey in Marshfield and the surrounding regions.
  6. To participate in any activity one deems appropriate to achieve the above goals.


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