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Job opportunities for Hausa and Yoruba Teachers in the USA


The Public Affairs unit of Nigeria’s United States Mission has internship job opportunities for proficient and qualified Nigerian teachers skilled in Yoruba or Hausa languages. The teachers are to educate US scholars in colleges and universities on the languages and the people’s culture.

The FLTA program permits teachers from foreign countries to teach foreign languages and cultures to US scholars in universities and colleges.

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While there, the teachers will also restructure their own teaching skills, improve their English skills, and lengthen their knowledge of the United States’ cultures as they engage in non-degree studies.

In an online statement, the US stated, “Becoming a participant comes with it a great responsibility.” Along with their studies, participants will supervise language laboratories, lead language table discussions, and handle language lecture series.

Hausa and Yoruba language teachers who take advantage of the job opportunities may become resource persons in conversation groups and act as attendants in language laboratories. The teachers will also be guest speakers in civilization courses, cultural representatives, coordinators in extracurricular activities, head of language clubs/houses, and lots more.

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Benefits: A guaranteed travel stipend for the participants to the US. The stipend covers accommodation allowance, a settling-in stipend, a monthly salary, a tuition scholarship for assignments, and health insurance.

Before beginning the program, provisions will be set aside for participants to attend a Fulbright FLTA Summer Orientation in the United States. During the FTLA summer orientation program, invitations are given to participants to participate in a special Fulbright enrichment seminar and conference for professional networking opportunities and development.

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Note: the funding does not house accompanied spouse, family members, or relatives to the United States. Partakers are strictly advised not to have anyone accompany them even at their own expense. Thus, the internship is open to applicants who major in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Linguistics, and Education.

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