Apply for the 2021 Johnson And Johnson Global Mental Health Scholarship.

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Johnson and Johnson global mental health scholarship 2021-2022

  • Awarding Body: London school of hygiene and tropical medicine (lSHTM), psychiatry institute, psychology and neuroscience, king college London
  • Host Institution: London school of hygiene and tropical medicine (lSHTM), psychiatry institute, psychology and neuroscience, king college London
  • Deadline: 21st-03-2021

Scholarship Description 

The grant is a joint program of the LSHTM in collaboration with other institutes to facilitate postgraduate students who willing to pursue a course on mental health in the above institutions.

This grant aims to griddle students with developing mental skills and knowledge to administer mental health programs and schemes in centers with low resources. It also supports and builds up students to crucially conduct research and thesis on mental health globally, enabling students to give essential contributions in the research policy areas as they go through the recommended departments in the institution under this grant.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Eligible Countries/ Regions: regions: southeastern Asia, South American, the African region
  • Countries: Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Indonesia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Philippines, and Ghana
  • Gender Restrictions: no gender restrictions
  • Age Restrictions: No age restrictions

General Eligibility Requirements 

  • Applicants must possess or meet up least possible English language requirements if they are from non-English countries. Should be nominated for this support
  • Applicants are to make available English language capacity proof if already shortlisted.
  • Submission time is May 26th, 2021 on or before 11:59 latest (deadline for English proof) 

Scholarship Value 

  • Complete tuition stipend 
  • Living stipend GPB 17,400
  • MSc project expenditures allowance 500.00

Application Instructions 


  • On or before the deadline, applicants should apply for the program.
  • All required documents should be accurate and in order.
  • All applicants should submit all applications through the portal or the king’s college portal on or before 23:59GMT, February 14th


  • Apply online with the preferences from the drop-down menu on March 21st, 2021 by 23:59GMT
Documents include
  • Proof for successful application submission for the grant
  • Proof can take the form of screenshots, pdf, email confirmation notification on or before February 14th. 
  • Letter of offer from the king’s college university London
  • English aptitude record score or result
  • If you do not have an English aptitude result, the deadline is May 26th, 2021, 23:59 BST.

Click here to visit the Application Website 

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