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Application For The 2021 King Carl Gustaf Scholarship Is Ongoing -Apply Now!


King Carl Gustaf Accomplishments

  • Scholarship awarding body: Upsala University
  • Host institution: Upsala University
  • Deadline: 1 February 2021
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The King Carl Gustaf Scholarship is targeted at international students from countries ravaged by conflicts, wars, violence, famine, etc. This scholarship aims to provide financial aid to students pursuing their master’s degree in the university. This enables them to get s world-class education to help them contribute their quota towards liberating their home countries from the shackles of war and conflict. Applicants must be men with proven intellectual integrity who are committed to driving global change. The King Carl Gustaf Scholarship is a tuition scholarship. This means that beneficiaries are entitled to a full tuition fee. They will have to cater to their other academic needs by themselves.

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Eligibility requirement for the King Carl Gustaf scholarship

Eligible candidates for the king Carl Gustaf scholarship must be able to meet the following requirements:

Applicants must be able to show clear evidence that of coming from a war-stricken region. He must give strong reasons for choosing Upsala University for his master’s studies and what benefit this program will be towards resolving the crises in his home countries. He must be able to display a high level of ingenuity and intelligence.

Applicants must Make Upsala university their first choice among the four alternative universities for their master’s studies.

Applicants must apply for admission to the university before the official deadline to qualify for this scholarship.

  • Age restriction: No specification  
  • Gender restriction: No gender restriction for this scholarship
  • Eligible countries: The following are the eligible countries for this scholarship.
  1. Libya
  2. Iraq
  3. Cameroon
  4. India
  5. Nigeria
  6.  Afghanistan
  7. Yemen
  8. Mali
  9. Somalia
  10. South Sudan,
  11. Syria
  12. Mexico
  13. Burkina Faso
  14. Brazil

Value of Scholarship

The King Carl Gustaf Scholarship beneficiaries are entitled to full tuition fees throughout their master’s program.

Application instruction

Applicants must first apply for admission at the Upsala university before applying for the King Carl Gustaf Scholarship. Submit your application for admission here alongside your supporting documents.

After you must have submitted your application for admission, you can now submit your scholarship application.

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Visit the scholarship website to read more about this scholarship.


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