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Liberia’s New National Park And How They Hope To Boost Their Tourism In 2021


Liberia is aiming to make the Krahn-Bassa proposed protected area a National park. The Liberian Government’s move was all but waiting to happen as Krahn-Bissa is a distinguished forest area. It is a unique ecosystem and boasts of an Entourage of animal and plant species, many of which are new to science. Most of these species are facing the threat of extinction. This has made the area to be paid special attention to both the local and international scene. By its uniqueness, it is worthy of being made a national park. The PPA is situated in the center of Liberia and sprawls across Gedeh, Rivercess, and Sinoe.

It is a known fact that the Liberian civil war did a great deal of damage to the tourism industry in Liberia. It was recently that the sector started picking up with the creation of a tourism association in the country. Liberia is blessed with enough natural resources, making it a potential tourist hotspot with its rich rain forests, an assemblage of rivers, lakes, deltas, and a unique ecosystem. I made the Krahn-Bissa PPA a national park in no small way to help boost tourism in Liberia.

The Krahn-Bassa PPA is home to Western chimpanzees, at least five thousand of them.

National Park

Reports have shown that only a paltry thirty-five thousand chimpanzees exist in western Africa. This is a decline of over eighty percent. Ape-loving tourists would troop to Krahn-Bassa PPA to see those chimpanzees. This won’t be without benefits as it would generate revenue for the Liberian Government. Tourists would also spend a lot in the communities around the park, which will contribute to the Liberian economy.

The proposed national park is set to be Liberia’s ninth National park. Others include Sapo, Gola,Gbi national parks, etc.

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