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Mike Johnson Is Hoping That The Immigration Bill Is Not Passed By The Senate


Although the long-awaited border security and Ukraine aid package from the Senate has yet to be issued, House Speaker Mike Johnson is well aware of his strong opposition. Mike Johnson is hoping that the immigration bill is not passed by the Senate that he already refers to the future bill as dead.

Last Friday, Johnson said, “The Senate appears unable to reach any agreement.” in a letter to colleagues. (This was wishful thinking on his part; Senate negotiators expect the accord to be released this week.) Johnson said, “If the rumours concerning the draft proposal’s contents are accurate, it would have been defeated the moment it reached the House.”

Why Mike Johnson Is Hoping That The Immigration Bill Is Not Passed By The Senate

According to attendees, Johnson further derided the plan at a House GOP meeting on Tuesday morning, stating that it had “no way forward” or “it’s not going anywhere.” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who has vowed to remove Johnson if he accepts the offer, expressed her satisfaction with the information she received.

Greene told reporters, “It’s dead, which is what I wanted to hear. I just heard Speaker Johnson say that.” He was very explicit when he remarked, “I don’t know why people keep asking me about it” because there is no way to move further.

That being said, is that for a measure that has yet to be made public? Not surprisingly, since Trump took over the Republican presidential primary, things have not been looking bright.

Why The Senate Still Want To Pass The Bill

However, there’s a reason Senate negotiators continue to go forward with the deal—at least for now. James Lankford, the top Senate Republican on the agreement, continues to defend his product on television for a reason.

Johnson is speaking out now because he wants the Senate to scuttle the deal before it gets to his chamber. The slender chance for this package’s passing is that Johnson, unheard of three months ago, will buckle under the strain if it makes it into the House.

Examining a bill that has yet to be issued is challenging. However, sources and senators informed on the bill’s framework state that if border contacts average 5,000 daily over a week, the Department of Homeland Security would be required to turn away people crossing unlawfully promptly.

The goal is to stop the kinds of spikes that have overrun border and immigration officials, including the all-time high of 302,000 interactions in December. Additionally, the law would expedite the asylum procedure, aiming to decide cases in six months.

The federal government is writing into legislation that the first 5,000 migrants seeking to enter illegally each day will get a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. This is the biggest policy argument from Republicans who have furiously written off the accord.

However, nothing more would be offered to the first 5,000, not even a brand-new automobile or work licence. The law would still govern how they were handled. “When we got 4,000 or 5,000 people crossing the border, we can no longer process those individuals,” said Lankford on Face the Nation this past weekend. Thus, the threshold has been established there.

While the bill’s wording is still pending, the politics behind this progressive resistance have emerged.



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