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Minnesota’s National Park, No.1 Spot for Stargazing


 Minnesota is a distant and remote place where stargazing is a wonderful experience.  Recently, one of its parks got an honor from the magazine, Travel and Leisure, for being among the world’s best places to gaze at stars. Named ‘International Dark Sky’ for being able to achieve special and tangible features of a sky and an intensely dark environment, the honor was well deserved.

Places that have the ability to subdue light and make darkness eminent are best for gazing at stars. However, there is a list that contains 80 different places known as Dark Sky Parks. One of them is Voyageurs National Park. The Minnesota park is part of the list because it is proven to contain the very special features that are expected to be present at a location, in accordance with International Dark-Sky Association standards.

Voyageurs is about 218,000 acres and is located in the North of Virginia, a large wilderness expanse. The southern part, which is towards the border of Canada, always contains water despite being a desert. It is one of the best places for stargazing. This is due to its characteristic darkness and ability to take in stars, as well as the lights in the northern parts of the location.


If you desire to go on an adventure for stargazing and don’t know where to go, Minnesota Voyageurs is one of the best places.

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