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12 most Dangerous Theme Parks in America


Planning a relaxing getaway with the kids to the park? fun is key but safety must be a precaution. According to The Amusement Safety Organization, as well as The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, these parks are extreme and are classified as dangerous.

Here is a list of the 12 most dangerous theme parks in America.

12. Action Park, New Jersey

most dangerous theme parks in America

When this park was first open, there is a history that over 100 swimmers were rescued in 1978. Most other experiences are recorded, but none has been as fatal as that of 1978. People hearing this retrieved their interests a bit, so this park is considered one of the most dangerous theme parks in America.

11. Giant Canyon Swing, Colorado

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This is a pendulum ride. It goes back and forth at an enormous speed. It is estimated to hit a top speed of 50 miles per hour. This amount of pace for a pendulum is too aggressive. Experts say, although there’s been no actual record of deaths or injuries from the park, there might be one in the future, but no one prays for these kinds of things, right?

10. Waterworld, California

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8th on our list of the most dangerous theme parks in America is Waterworld park, California. This park has its most record of harming teens. The dangerous rides are a cause of these severe accidents in the park as well. Serious incidences that are hurtful to the human body have been recorded in this park. One should steer clear of dangerous parks, especially this one.

9. Darien Lake Amusement Park, New York

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A man in 1999 was thrown off a ride when this park first opened. The traumatic experiences from those accidents live on. No one truly recovers from an accident, and this is especially highlighted for you so that you know what to expect if you carry on with your visit to parks like this. Some say this park is responsible for taking out a double amputee war veteran in the year 2011.

8. Lagoon Amusement Park, Utah

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It has a wooden roller coaster. Who uses a wooden roller coaster for rides? This is one of the worse experiences. Have you ever ridden a wooden roller coaster? It feels like a piece of it breaks away with each ride making it one of the most dangerous theme parks in America. You could be riding and feeling the grunt of the machine you are seated on. It makes little sense to feel comfortable visiting this kind of park. Something else for fun, don’t you think so, could be a perfect choice, and not this.

7. Sun Valley Beach Water Park, Georgia

most dangerous theme parks in America

In 2008, with more than 14 lifeguards present at the water park, a drastic event occurred that couldn’t be salvaged. This shows how unsafe the park is. It is said that this particular park closed down due to the tragic experiences it had left in the minds of families affected.

6. Adventuredome Amusement Park, Nevada

4th on our list of most dangerous theme parks in America goes to the Adventuredome Amusement park. This park used to be a significant attraction back in the day. Now, its records carry direful experiences. One of which is how unhealthy its roller coasters are. People, after riding it, return with severe health and mental problems. Most people do no recover from near-death experiences. Especially when caused by them having their kind of fun but in an unhealthy park.

5. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California

most dangerous theme parks in America

This park was once compared with Disneyland. After a while, this park’s fame died down. Most of what killed the massive reputation of this park were because of how unhealthy it slowly became. It started giving traumatic, in-between fun experiences, which is terrible.

4. Kennywood Amusement Park, Pennsylvania

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This park had a particular ride called the King Kahuna in 2008. However, this park was shut down. The reason was it stopped when one of its coasters was hanging upside down, and you can imagine the traumatic effect? History has it that riders were upside down for 10 whole minutes.

3. Alabama Adventure Amusement Park, Alabama

most dangerous theme parks in America

The Wild River Gorge Ride trapped some of its riders in 2009. Riders had to struggle for more than a reasonable amount of time with their strapped belts. Before each belt was undone – everyone watching had gone frantic. Most riders, after being saved from the situation, were taken away to be treated. It took a while for most of this ride’s victims to survive that trauma.

2. Magical Midway, Florida

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The Reverse Bungee was where the tragic event occurred. This ride is tethered to two different towers. These two other towers use two separate cables. It catapults its riders at an incredible foot skyward of about 400 feet. Imagine if this goes wrong. One wrong move from the machine’s operator and the lives of so many can be lost. This is never the best bet at catching fun.

1. Ocean City, New Jersey

most dangerous theme parks in America

This is one of the most significant attraction areas in the area. Sadly, in 2007, it is recorded that there were people injured on the log flume ride. This ride remained closed for a long time. It took technicians so much to save those that were caught inside. The malfunction of the machine cost a lot. Five people at the time sustained injuries. It was a painful experience placing it in the 1st position on our list of the most dangerous theme parks in America.

So there you have it 12 most dangerous theme parks in America, always remember that fun is key but safety is a precaution.

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