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Moving with the family: Europe’s most child-friendly cities in 2024


Upheaving your life and relocating to a new country can be daunting, especially when you have a family. But for many, Europe beckons with its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and family-friendly atmosphere. Choosing the right city is crucial if you’re considering a move with your little ones. So, where are Europe’s most child-friendly cities in 2024?

  1. Vienna, Austria: This charming capital city consistently tops the list of the most child-friendly cities in Europe. Vienna has a safe and enjoyable environment for children and boasts a low crime rate, excellent public transportation, and a wealth of green spaces like the Stadtpark and Schönbrunn Palace Gardens. Additionally, the city prioritizes family-friendly activities with its numerous museums, playgrounds, and kid-centric festivals.
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark: Denmark consistently ranks among the happiest countries globally, and Copenhagen reflects this. With its focus on sustainable living, cycling infrastructure, and many parks like Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen encourages an active and healthy lifestyle for families. The city also boasts child-friendly restaurants, museums like the Experimentarium, and a dedicated Children’s City.
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam’s laid-back atmosphere and emphasis on cycling make it a family haven. Kids will love exploring the canals on boats, visiting the Anne Frank House, and enjoying the numerous playgrounds and green spaces. The Dutch education system is also highly regarded, making Amsterdam an attractive option for families seeking quality schooling.
  4. Helsinki, Finland: This Nordic gem offers a safe and clean environment focusing on education and well-being. Helsinki boasts numerous parks, a dedicated children’s island (Seurasaari), and family-friendly museums like the Moomin Museum. The city also prioritizes early childhood education, offering affordable, high-quality daycare options.
  5. Munich, Germany: This vibrant Bavarian city blends tradition with modern amenities, making it ideal for families. Children will be enthralled by the Marienplatz glockenspiel, the sprawling Englischer Garten park, and the Deutsches Museum, one of the world’s largest science and technology museums. Additionally, Munich offers excellent public transportation and a strong focus on community events.

Factors to Consider Beyond the Rankings

 While these cities consistently rank high, choosing the most child-friendly city in Europe for your family depends on your unique needs and priorities. Consider factors like:

  • Cost of living: Cities like Copenhagen and Munich can be expensive, while others like Vienna and Helsinki offer more affordable options.
  • Language and culture: Are you open to learning a new language or prefer a city with a large English-speaking community?
  • Schooling options: Research the quality and availability of international or local schools with English-language programs.
  • Family activities and interests: Choose a city with activities and attractions that align with your family’s interests, whether museums, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences.

Planning Your Move:

Moving with your family requires careful planning, consider:

  • Visa requirements: Research the visa requirements for your chosen country and ensure you meet all necessary criteria.
  • Finding a home: Find neighborhoods with parks, playgrounds, and good schools.
  • Connecting with other families: Join online communities or expat groups to connect with other families and build a support network.

Ready to Start Your European Adventure?

Choosing the most child-friendly European city for your family is an exciting journey. Our experienced travel consultants can help you navigate the process, answer your questions, and connect you with resources to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your family’s unique needs and embark on your European adventure with confidence!


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