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Easy Must-Know Tips For Every First-Time Traveler/Tourist This 2021


Traveling for the first time might incite several emotions. It could cause excitement, fear, or worry, depending on the person. A common thing amongst the first-time traveler is the confusion that comes with it. Not knowing what to travel with or how to go about it all can be a bit worrisome. You’ve probably read several guidebooks, but having tips from experienced travelers can come in handy. In this article, we’ll give outline some essential tips for first-time travelers.

Essential tips for first-time travelers

The Packing/Planning Phase


It’s okay to be confused about what to take or leave behind. That’s why this guide is here—there essential items and non-essentials. There are items we think are essential but aren’t essential and vice versa. When you’re planning and packing as a first-time traveler or tourist, you should:

  • Avoid packing things you’re not sure you need. Also, those things you’re completely sure you need? You most likely don’t need them
  • Take fewer shoes and more underwear. You’ll need more underwear
  • Take more money with you
  • Ensure you include toilet paper in the pack. You never know when it’ll come in handy
  • Please pack a strong deodorant. Sometimes showers can be hard to come by
  • Try taking your luggage up a flight of stairs by yourself. Could you do it easily? If you can, you’re good. If you can’t, take out some things
  • Ensure you get travel insurance. Anything can happen
  • Try learning a little of the local language. It’ll be useful
  • Ensure you make a photocopy of your passport and driver’s license. Also, scan and store them somewhere safe and easy to access online
  • Contraceptives are a good idea. You never know when you’d need them
  • Painkillers can be useful
  • Try getting distinctive luggage. Rest assured, the conveyor belt will have more than one black box on it.

Tips For The Journey


While in transit, these essential tips can come in handy for any For any first-time traveler:

  • Ensure you’re at the airport early. It’ll hurt to miss your flight
  • Have something to eat before leaving for the airport. Airport food isn’t that good, and they’re pricey
  • Avoid alcohol. Getting a hangover on a plane isn’t exciting
  • It’ll probably be a long flight. Take something to keep you entertained
  • After spending several hours in airports and plane, you will appreciate toothpaste more
  • While in the air, try taking a walk to stretch your muscles a bit
  • Earplugs and eye masks can come in handy. Some people beside you can be a bit noisy. It’ll be best to block all that noise out
  • If you have trouble sleeping, having sleeping pills in your pack can be useful
  • If you aren’t used to eating with plastic utensils, you should start practicing to get used to them
  • Ensure you board the plane, ensure your watch is set to your destination time zone
  • Border officials aren’t that chatty. Just stick to answering questions truthfully
  • Ensure you have a bag on you with a change of clothes, especially underwear. It’ll come in handy in situations where your bag is lost at the airport
  • Take note of warning signs at the airport. Ensure you adhere to them
  • Avoid changing all your money at the airport. The rates there aren’t good.

Useful tips when you’re at your destination

  • Keep an eye out for scams but don’t overdo it. Not everyone is out to exploit you
  • Try being polite to the locals, and smile also. It helps.
  • We know you’d like to do some charity. Try not to overdo it
  • Try keeping your valuables safe. Money belts and fanny packs aren’t entirely safe. You’re always going into them often. Someone might be watching.
  • Avoid doing everything the travel guidebooks say. You’ll miss a lot. If you have questions, try interacting with locals or hotel attendants. They know the place better.
  • Public transportation is usually comfortable, efficient, and less expensive.
  • If the locals don’t speak your language, raising your voice won’t make them understand.
  • Try a new food. Go to where locals eat. It’s usually cheaper and tastes better.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have fun. Try things you won’t normally do. Have a nice time.

Traveling to a new place might be exciting, and it can also be scary. Don’t let fear ruin your experience. They’re different people but they’re only human. Try new things, interact with locals, and make sure you have a good time.

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