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Narratives of Africa Grants for Individuals and Organizations

Narratives of Africa Grants for Individuals and Organizations

Award description

In aiming for a better Africa,  a few perceptions and narratives must be changed. The narrative of Africa grants for Individuals and Organizations seeks to support individuals, brands, and organizations that facilitate conversations and debates, talk sessions, and others on the narratives of Africa and how it can be improved for global relevance and dominance.

The discussions should be aimed at changing the negative and wrong stereotypes of Africa.  Also, the grants seek to amplify the voices of young Africans and individuals that are passionate about telling impactful stories that would shape the perceptions about Africa. 

Narratives of Africa Grants for Individuals and Organizations

Application deadline

The application for this narrative of Africa grants is Friday, 27th  of August, 2021. You are expected to send in your applications on or before this date to stand a chance of getting the grant. Pro-tip: it’s advisable to send in your applications on time as it also increases your chances of getting the grant. 

Eligible Countries

The grant application is open to all citizens, youths, individuals, organizations, and brands in African countries. There are over 52 African countries in Africa. All the African country’s citizens are eligible for the narrative of Africa grants. It is often said that Africa would be built by Africans only. 

Accepted Subject areas

The key subject areas for this grant application are positive transformational agents for Africa’s growth, the sustainability, development, and growth of Africa.  

Value of award

The value of the grant is over five thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars ($5,000-$15,000). 

How to apply

To successfully apply for the narrative Africa grant, kindly note the following; 

After confirming your eligibility and understanding the main essence of the grant, from the above 

Click on this link to get access to the application form, here

You would ask to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, gender, age, institution, a brief description or summary of your organization and what you do, how much you are applying for, how you intend to use the grant and how you heard of the grant. 

You are expected to provide answers to the above questions accurately. You could critically edit and proofread it to ensure that there are no errors.  Afterward, click the submit button and your application would be sent automatically. 

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