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Navigating the Spring 2024 Updates to the UK Spouse Visa Minimum Income Requirement


As the calendar turns to 2024, individuals contemplating applying for a UK Spouse Visa or any Family Visa must be attuned to the significant changes set to unfold in the upcoming spring. A paramount alteration on the horizon is the revision of the minimum income requirement, a crucial factor determining the eligibility and timing of visa applications. This article aims to shed light on the impending modifications and explore strategic options for applicants after these updates.

Grasping the nuances of the 2024 Spouse Visa modifications requires a closer examination of the changing dynamics in the minimum income requirement for the UK Spouse Visa:

  • Present Requirement: £18,600*
  • Transitioning into Spring 2024: £29,000
  • Effective January 2025: £38,700

*The figure is higher if non-British citizen children accompany the visa applicant.

Initially, the UK government proposed a substantial increase in the financial Requirement for Family Visas, adopting a phased approach. While the initial plan envisioned reaching £38,700 by Spring 2024, recent updates indicate a recalibrated timeline. The minimum income requirement is slated to surge to £29,000 in Spring 2024, followed by a further escalation to £38,700 by January 2025.

Yet, amid the prospect of forthcoming political shifts, marked by a looming general election in either 2024 or 2025, uncertainties endure regarding the envisioned timeline and the policies of opposition parties regarding the minimum income requirements for UK Spouse visas.

Why Take Action at This Moment?

Given the fluidity of the situation, Immigration Solicitors specializing in UK Spouse Visas strongly recommend that potential applicants take prompt action, especially if their combined income falls below £38,700 gross per year. Urgency becomes even more imperative if the income is below £29,000, as applications must be submitted before the onset of Spring 2024.

For tailored advice on requirements, eligibility, and the process of submitting a Spouse Visa application in 2024, our specialist Immigration team is ready to assist.

Sponsoring Children and the Minimum Income Requirement

For individuals contemplating Family Visas that include dependent children without British citizenship, the existing minimum income requirement includes supplementary thresholds for each child. Nonetheless, a recent communication from the Home Office indicates a noteworthy shift from Spring 2024.

The Visa office will eliminate the separate child element in the minimum income requirement, simplifying the process for sponsors.

Considering Alternatives if the Requirement Isn’t Satisfied

In situations where sponsors fail to meet the minimum income requirement after Spring 2024, our team of Spouse Visa Solicitors suggests various strategic alternatives:

  • Check Eligibility for Benefits: Some sponsors may qualify for benefits that meet the Financial Requirement automatically.
  • Apply Before Spring 2024: If the sponsor currently earns at least £18,600 per year, applying before Spring 2024 might be a viable option.
  • Explore Other Income Sources: Investigate whether the sponsor’s additional income, such as pension or dividend income, can be combined with salary to meet the Requirement.
  • Utilize Savings: Cash savings over £16,000 can contribute to meeting the minimum income requirement, and savings over £65,000 can be met on capital alone.
  • Exceptional Circumstances: Seek advice from our Spouse Visa Solicitors on whether your case qualifies for extraordinary circumstances, potentially exempting you from the minimum income requirement.

For confidential consultations and detailed discussions about your case, including your UK immigration history and current circumstances, contact our Immigration consultants. The more detail provided, the better equipped they will be to guide you through the intricacies of the UK Spouse Visa application process.



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