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Apply For The Nestlé Internship For Young South Africans

Nestlé internship program
  • Name of Internship: Nestlé Internship for Young South Africans
  • Internship Awarding Body: Nestlé
  • Deadline for Applications: unspecified

Summary of Internship

Young talented individuals are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity offered by Nestlé to join their Southern Africa team.

To help students kick start their careers, Nestlé internship offers a rotational development program (for 12 months). This program is set to introduce successful applicants to the everyday workings of the Nestlé company while also building solid foundations for more growth.

The internship provides training in class and on-the-job, which gives interns more understanding of how the business. Additionally, the program provides exposure to the interns’ field of study, giving the practical application of theories and inter-relation between other fields when working as a team.

Screenshot 2021 01 12 C Factor Apply For The Nestlé Internship For Young South Africans
Screenshot 2021 01 12 Career Opportunities Sign In1: Apply For The Nestlé Internship For Young South Africans

Eligibility Requirements

The Nestlé internship program is open for applicants from diverse fields of study. The primary eligibility criteria for a role is the qualification held by applicants. The available positions and required qualifications are highlighted below.

  • Supply Chain Intern: 3-year Degree/Diploma in Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management
  • Applicants are required to complete the Nestlé gamification application unsuccessfully.
  • Must possess at least a 65% academic average
  • Applicants must have post-studies working experience of fewer than two years

Eligible Countries

The Southern Africa Nestlé team is the only branch in Africa currently taking interns.

Age Restrictions

Candidates are expected to be young, presumably between 18-24yrs. However, age restrictions were not explicitly stated.

Gender Restrictions

All genders are encouraged to apply.

Other Requirements

  • Applicants must be willing to work as a team with great communication skills
  • Have a Strong desire to build a solid foundation for future career development.
Screenshot 2021 01 12 Career Opportunities Sign In1 Apply For The Nestlé Internship For Young South Africans
Screenshot 2021 01 12 Career Opportunities Sign In1: Apply For The Nestlé Internship For Young South Africans

Value of Internship

This 1-year on-site internship will give successful applicants the needed exposure for future career development. Also, interns that performed exceptionally will be offered a spot in the Nestlé team.

Application Procedures

  • Create an account
  • Upload Resumé/CV
  • Complete gamification application
  • Wait for feedback.

To apply for the position, click here.

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