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Discover the Top 10 Oldest buildings in London


London has one of the most historic buildings in the world. These buildings, according to history, have survived devastating times. In times of war and fire outbreaks, as well as other drastic periods in history, these buildings have stood firm. Some argue that these buildings were constructed centuries ago with sophisticated materials.

Here is a list of some of the top 10 oldest buildings in London.

10. The Queen’s House

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This particular building has an impressive décor. It is estimated to have more than a hundred thousand visitors regularly. The wife of King James Ⅰ, Anne of Denmark, commissioned it. There were early settlers in this Queen’s House before the Queen herself. The early Stuart dynasty and the Tudors used this historical building in London as an essential residence to them.

The Queen’s house has a history of ghostly visitations, otherwise known as a haunted place. The first experience happened in 1966, like a flash, unbelievable. This first experience, which is alleged to have an unexplained ghostly presence, came from a Canadian retired couple on visitation to the premises of the Queen’s House. The couples were shooting up the House’s Tulip staircase, and in the photograph, they saw an unclear image behind them. The Queen’s house is a necessary-be destination.

9. Kensington Palace

oldest buildings in london

This is one beautiful palace. It was formerly known as the Nottingham palace. An average of more than four hundred visitors come to the premises of Kensington Palace regularly. The Kensington Palace was a personal favourite spot for George Ⅱ. It remained his favourite until he died in 1760. Another exciting part of Kensington Palace is that Queen Victoria was born and brought up in it.

However, Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham palace upon her ascension to the throne in 1837. To date, she does not stay in Kensington, but this historic building maintains its standards as one landmark building in the world.

8. Buckingham Palace

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Its visitors go above five hundred regularly. It also has beautiful scenery. It is what you will love to call a palace of palaces. With over 775 rooms and a staff count of 800, this is the current official residence of the Queen when she is in London. It is also the office of the Head of State.

Well, this palace was initially built for the Duke of Buckingham. It was supposed to be the Duke’s exquisite London home. Do you remember how Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham? She was the first to use this place as her residence after the architect, John Nash, transformed the structure into what is now the beautiful Buckingham Palace.

7. Hampton Court Palace

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On the list of the oldest buildings of London is the Hampton Court. It has a regular visitor range of over five hundred headcounts. Consider this palace the most significant buildings in London’s history. Thomas Wolsey was the first occupant of this palace in 1515.

Later on, Henry Ⅷ occupied this palace in 1529. Henry Ⅷ remodelled the Hampton Court Palace to his taste. History has it that this remodelling (some say, restructuring) lasted 10 whole years. In the end, the palace was beyond recognizable because of excellent it turned out to be.

Stories of the Hampton’s palace construction detail remains hidden, and people say there was little left of Wolsey after the drastic renovations carried out by Wolsey.

6. Westminster Abbey

oldest buildings in london

This is a popular name, Westminster Abbey globally, and is historic. This is one of the most important and oldest buildings in London because it houses most catholic monarchs. It has an over one million-visitor range regularly. Royal weddings hold here, 17 monarchs find rest here, and it is a coronation church since 1066. Most of these royal weddings include Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s conjugal joining.

Now, the building went through some changes because the current structure of the building came in the administration of King Henry Ⅲ. He pulled down the 1245 structure and brought this newer and grander design. A noteworthy fact is this: the initial building structure came through King Edward the Confessor’s will and is one of the famous old buildings in London.

5. The Houses of Parliament

oldest buildings in london

Classified under the historic buildings of London, these buildings drag between 900 thousand to over a million visitors regularly. Again, these buildings were built between 1097 and 1099. It was initially King William Ⅱ residence, but after moving out, various other royal residents made sure to renovate these buildings to meet their taste.

With this background, it is essential to understand that although these houses are originally royal residences, it has morphed into venues for both houses of parliaments and has served as a law court equally. When the parliament saw the limited spaces available in the palace – changes had to be made, and it was made in the 18th century.

4. The Old Royal Naval College

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This can be called both a building and a cathedral. It has an over one million, five hundred visitor estimation regularly giving it a position of 4th on our list of famous old buildings in London. It was built in 1420 as the manor house of the Duke of Gloucester.

However, during the civil war, the palace fell wrongly and could not be repaired because of how badly demolished it was. Currently, you can find just its foundation beneath the Grand Square.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

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Among the oldest buildings in London is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. From its name, one knows this is a historic cathedral. It is said that this is the first-ever cathedral to be built in the Reformation period. This reformation period was in the 16th century. Henry Ⅷ stripped the Church of England of its autonomy. Beforehand, the church and the Pope had ultimate power. But with Henry’s decision, political and administrative power went to the Crown.

2. Somerset House

oldest buildings in london

It has over two million-visitor estimation making it among the famous old buildings in London. It used to be the house of the wife during the reign of King James Ⅰ. She was called Anne of Denmark, and this house was later called Denmark House. King James erected several other buildings like the Chapel for King Charles Ⅰ wife exercised her Roman Catholic Religion.

1. The Tower of London

oldest buildings in london

It has a regular visitation of over three million people. It is the oldest buildings in London. It was built in the 1070s. It once served as a royal prison. Its walls are 27 meters tall, impossible for an escape, with an alert and revolutionary security system intact.

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