A Guide to Pursuing Higher Studies in Sweden

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Higher studies in Sweden are one of the best in the world, their excellent academic system prioritizes group studies above conventional lectures.

Top Universities to Apply to for Higher Studies in Sweden

As its often the case in advanced countries, the number of foreign students doing higher studies in Sweden is increasing astronomically. It is pertinent that you equip your knowledge with the intricacies of study, cost of living, or applying for a degree in any of the top universities in Sweden.

Tips and How to Apply for Higher Studies in Sweden

First things first, you need to apply for a Swedish study visa/residence permit, only after you satisfy the following eligibility requirements;

  • Your applied course of study must be a full-time discipline;
  • A written confirmation of admission;
  • Evidence of having paid the first installment of tuition fees;
  • Health insurance;
  • And at least 6 months passport validity.

Applying for a Swedish student visa can be done in your residential country’s Swedish Embassy or online via the Swedish Migration Agency site.

Students who are citizens of European Union nations, Switzerland, and other Nordic nations are not to pay tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies, while Ph.D. for all foreign students is free. Also, there is a £90 university application charge for non-EU students.

On average, tuition fees in any of the top universities in Sweden are around £7,500 – 25,000 depending on the institution and discipline chosen, the most expensive which are architecture and business courses.

Extra Costs of Studying in Swedish or any Scandinavian University

In applying to a Swedish university, you will have to consider several factors like accommodations, which often costs about £700 – 1200 monthly, or you check out your institution’s dormitory costing below £620 monthly. Food can cost up to £200, transportation costs below £55, plus other extra costs of study materials, insurance, etc.  

Interestingly, you can apply for a Studyportals scholarship and win a €10,000 fund to cater for your tuition!

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