Radboud University Scholarship Is Open For Application 2021 -Apply Now!

Radboud University Scholarship

  • Scholarship awarding Body: Radboud University
  • Host institution:  Radboud University
  • Deadline for scholarship application: 1 March 2021

Radboud University scholarship offers a golden opportunity for international students.  The scholarship awarding body aims to extend a  hand of generosity to international students.  To claim this scholarship, students must be to study for their masters in Netherland. Radboud University is a world-class university that has trained a lot of influential men and women across the globe.

 This scholarship scheme is a fully sponsored program. The scholarship awarding body provides the beneficiary with massive financial benefits.  The scholarship funds cover the student’s tuition,    visa costs,  living expenses, resident permit, and a whole lot of other interesting packages.

The language of research and instruction for this master’s program in the English language.  In this vein, prospective beneficiaries are expected to be proficient and eloquent in the English language.

Eligibility requirement  for Radboud University scholarship

To be  qualified for this scholarship, you must  be able to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be an international student outside Europe.
  2. You must acquire a Bachelor’s degree outside the Netherlands.
  3. You must apply for admission as a full-time student at Radboud University.  
  4. You must provide proof of English language proficiency. Preferably, an IELTS score of 6.5  and above.
  • Gender restriction: No gender restriction,  this application is open to all.
  • Eligible countries:  open to all international students outside Europe.
  • Age restriction:  Not  specified

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Eligible courses:

The following courses are available for application in this scholarship:

  1. Political Science
  2. Other (Dutch-taught programs)
  3. Psychology
  4. Spatial Planning
  5. Theology
  6. Social and Cultural Science (Research)
  7. Human Geography
  8. International and European Law
  9. Mathematics
  10. Medical Biology
  11. International Business Communication
  12. Molecular Life Sciences
  13. North American Studies
  14. Linguistics
  15. Information Sciences
  16. Philosophy (Research)
  17. Pedagogical Sciences
  18. Philosophy and Science
  19. Linguistics and Communication Sciences (Research)
  20. Physics and Astronomy
  21. Chemistry
  22. Biology – including Transnational Water Management
  23. Business Administration
  24. Arts and Culture
  25. Cognitive Neuroscience (Research)
  26. Behavioral Science (Research)
  27. Computing Science
  28. Artificial Intelligence
  29. Anthropology and Development Studies
  30. Environment and Society Studies
  31. Economics
  32. History
  33. Science
  34. Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Research)
  35. Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (Research)
  36. Biomedical Sciences

Value of scholarship

This scholarship as earlier provides a massive financial benefit to students. Below is an outline of what  students stand to gain in this scholarship offer:

  • Full school fees
  • Fully covered Health insurance  throughout the program
  • Visa costs
  • Living cost coverage
  • Liability insurance will be offered to beneficiaries.  For example, insurance passports for students ( IPS).
  • Students will be offered a resident permit fee.

Application Instruction

The application process is easy and straight to the point.  Interested candidates are to submit their application online. Click here to read more about this scholarship on the official website.

Read the application guideline carefully and apply here. During your application process, you are to indicate that you are applying for the Radboud University scholarship.  

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