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Discover Rwanda Kigali the next Singapore in Africa


Economies grow and develop rapidly with technology, and Rwanda, a country in East Africa, is not out of the picture. Citizens of Rwanda are called Rwandans. The official language of Rwandans is called Bantu. However, this language differs per community, but the Bantu remains its recognized language.

Kigali an enterprising city

Kigali in Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. It was founded in 1907. Kigali is a relatively new but thriving economy. It has a population of just over one million inhabitants. Kigali has roads connected to all other parts of Rwanda, and therefore it is considered an economically viable State.

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Its GDP comes off with a competitive percentage with developing economies around the world. Now, here is the deal: travel to Rwanda Kigali cause there are fascinating places and features of Kigali everyone like yourself must get to know.

The streets of Rwanda kigali

Rwanda kigali

Kigali’s boost in cleanliness reached world recognition. Most testimonies of how clean the streets of Kigali are have brought the world’s attention to Kigali. Curious minds have asked how all of Kigali’s growth comes, and the answer remains one thing: the government of Rwanda Kigali has engaged every part of society in building its economy.

Local government areas hire residents or volunteers to clean up the streets. If you drive by Kigali now, you might be gobsmacked at how there is less dirt or none. In Kigali, coming together to achieve an aim in their local language, “Umuganda,” is the “coming together in common purpose.” With this ideology, a nation is quickly built and grown, and this is one strong determination the government and people of Rwanda Kigali have imbibed in themselves.

The cattle rearing industry in Rwanda Kigali

Cattle rearing is economically viable in Kigali. Because cows are given preference – making it in the cattle rearing industry has a 100% chance of uplifting your financial state than any other sector would. It is a fetish for the Kigali people that when a cow is given to a person – it means the giver with the receiver wealth and prosperous life. Again, a receiver cannot betray someone who gave them a cow. It is against their custom, is terrible and uncultured.

The entrepreneurial industry in Rwanda kigali

Rwanda kigali

Entrepreneurship is basically about offering solutions to problems. Entrepreneurs around Kigali are opting into this narrative and are profiting from the proceeds of offering service. Particular brands are emanating from the roots of Kigali, like coffee brewers and fabric experts.

Everything coming from Kigali tells a unique story to the world of who Rwanda and Africans are. The creativity of entrepreneurial Rwanda Kigali people sells the fantastic image of Africans being productive and intelligent species to the world.

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8 things to do when you travel to Rwanda kigali

These are essential things tourists and travellers like yourself should find themselves doing in Kigali.

8. Try to understand the country’s past

Every country or nation has a past. Most of these pasts are fogged with awful experiences. It is the same with Rwanda Kigali. In the past, history has it that Rwanda suffered from dark times, and this has caused some Rwandans to suffer the trauma of the one-time genocidal event that occurred in 1994. Tons of people were killed indiscriminately. However, the post-genocidal effect has morphed Rwanda Kigali especially into one of the most remarkable economies, stemming from Africa, globally.

7. Kigali’s art scenery

Rwanda kigali

One of the most renowned art stores (you can call it a gallery) is the Ivuka Arts gallery. This studio is Kigali’s first and was opened in the year 2007. That was back then in 2007. Of late, Kigali brags of nothing short of 10 to 20 Art galleries littered around its environs. Another renowned art gallery is the Yego Arts gallery. Then we have the Niyo Arts Gallery, the five-star Kigali Marriott gallery. This art gallery sits at the epicentre of Kigali.

There are so many arts specialists in Kigali, Rwanda. As a traveller, if you can, it is best to visit art centres in Rwanda Kigali. Why should visiting an art centre or gallery be part of my itinerary? Because most often, and it is a fact that the art industry is one of the world’s leading enterprises. And Kigali has so many galleries that are sufficient to accrue money to its economy. Kigali’s art scenery is among the places to visit in Rwanda Kigali


6. Rwandans and their love for cricket

Rwandans love cricket sport. You do not need to wonder how you might get the correct explanation of why the people of Kigali love cricket the way they do. Try not to; it will take you forever. Snap out of that. Perhaps it would not. Here is the reason Rwandans are in love with cricket: Kigali has a cricket stadium. It is called the Gahanna Cricket Stadium. It is a building inspired by Rwanda hills. It was initially unveiled in 2017.

The looks of this stadium are epic and shouLd be among your places to visit in Rwanda Kigali. This stadium holds the world record of time spent in batting. And this record totals 51 hours. Imagine spending 51 hours batting, and Kigali fans watched all through.

5. Kigali’s café culture

Rwanda kigali

Kigali people explore all kinds of tea. If you are a lover of tea – Kigali cafés should be part of the places to visit in Rwanda Kigali. One of Kigali’s famous cafés is the INZORA rooftop café. This café is found in the centre of the city.

The décor of these cafés located in Kigali are made of traditional raffia. Some would call it conventional furniture-making items. You do not have to worry about how comfortable this furniture is because they are comfortable. They are not complicated, neither will they cause you back pain or muscle strains. Are pastries sold alongside these cafés? Sure, they are, and coffees. Anything you like is one call away from your seat.

4. Kigali greeneries are a must-see

Do you enjoy seeing or staring at green lands? Kigali has so many best spots for that. Mantra has it that Kigali is known as the city of a thousand hills. The reason is that most of its streets are mountain hilltops. Its hills are virtually everywhere.

Kigali gives the hiking experience right from the step out your door. In addition, for this hiking experience, from the step out your door, you will have to pick your location ideally because that is a factor. Not every area has these hills.

Rwanda kigali

3. Find and buy souvenirs

You can get colourful items from Kigali local markets. This item ranges from toys to ribbons to ornaments and clothing. Pick what interests you most, but first, you must make visiting Kigali a soon-to-happen experience. It is essential to state this: one of the most renowned souvenir stores in Kigali is the Nyamirambo Women’s centre.

Initially, this place was not built to be a store. It was built to aid domestically abused women. These women worked in the centre and made a profit while working. It served as an employable plan, and it was because it did a good cause, which was for the amelioration of the conditions of these abused women.

2. Exceptional getaway attractions

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Kigali’s beautiful scenery is a national treasure. Rwanda’s beautiful site attractions are mainly within Kigali, and some are outside of the Kigali environs. The Nyungwe Forest National Park is vast in gorillas. The Magashi is a six-tent safari camp. This attraction is on the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga. It is also home to several wildlife animals.

1. Great and pocket-friendly accommodation

There are several hotels in Kigali. These hotels are an independent kind with a connection with huger hoteliers around the world. Whatever grade of suite you need, you will find and will be in. It just takes your choice. One of such exquisite hotels in Kigali environs is the Retreat Boutique-hotels. It has over ten beautiful rooms.


▪ Are those gorillas in parks unfriendly?

Do you think Africa’s wildlife is unsecure and scary? This is a flawed ideology. Animals in parks are personal. This means that they are usually used to themselves and are shy. A zoo guard makes it more accessible around the wildlife sites.

Rwanda kigali

▪ Are the Kigali people still experiencing the trauma of their genocidal past?

Usually, the past returns as flashes to the mind but is not expected to last too long. Instead, it comes as memory and flushes itself away. The Kigali people have learned to build from their past, and this is a productive thing. The Kigali government does its best, and they are making their economy rapidly.

▪ Does this past affect the way the Kigali people treat foreigners?

The people of Kigali, Rwanda, are tourist-friendly people. This can be seen in how traditional their cafés and hotels are. Even its environs, it is set in a modern way and allows a traveller their comfort during the visit.

▪ Does a traveller need to tread the street of Kigali with caution?

One ideal reason a traveller weighs before visiting a place is the level of its security. Be at rest, assured that Kigali’s security service is tight and sophisticated. Even at night, patrols do not end until the deep ends of the night.

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