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Out Now, The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship For Arab And Dutch Students 2021 Is Open For Applications

Arab And Dutch Students

Mahmoud S. Rabbani scholarship 2021 for Arab and Dutch students (up €15,000)

  • Awarding Body: Lutfia Rabbani 
  • Host Institution: 
  • Deadline: 31st March 2021 

The grant is for Arab and Dutch students who have enrolled for a master’s degree scheme in the Netherlands and students in the Dutch region who have registered for a master’s degree scheme in the Arab area.

The aim of the grant, besides nurturing the interactions between European students, the scheme is to make provision for them to brighten their scope and enabling students from all horizons of study for this grant.

The grant is designed for students to nurture the creation of ties between these two districts. Nevertheless, the budget is supported by a mentoring program, which bids the beneficiary guidance on a personal and proficient level.  

Arab And Dutch Students
Screenshot 2021 01 12 MSR scholarships 1: Out Now, The Mahmoud S. Rabbani Scholarship For Arab And Dutch Students 2021 Is Open For Applications

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Eligible Countries/ Regions: Qatar, Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya. All submissions approaching from the Netherlands must be by Dutch countries.
  • Gender Restrictions: no gender restrictions
  • Age Restrictions: No age restrictions 

General Eligibility Requirements 

  • The applicant must have quality English speaking skills or the language in the discipline they are Appling for study.
  • You must have received a certified acceptance letter for a degree in the desired chosen discipline 
  • Applicants must have quality English speaking skills and a language that converse the discipline they are going in for study
  • Evaluation criteria
  • An academic excellence 
  • Personal growth 
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Financial need

Scholarship Value 

 An MSR of €15,000 for the scholarship

Application Instructions 

  • Required credentials 
  • A curriculum vitae in English format
  • A passport 
  • An Enthusiasm and purpose statements in English format
  • A duplicate copy of degree credential with transcriptions of academic excellence with English translations for students in areas of non-English speaking districts and countries 
  • Two signed references from your school guidance in English format
  • Letter of acceptance from the university hosting the grant in the Netherlands
  • A transcript carrying the description of the course 
  • Make available an outline of financial summary, tuition fee, living expenses, and other incomes covered throughout the scholarship.
  • Application form

Application Website

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