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Scholarships from Trenton High School Class of 1967 Are Available to Graduates in 2024


Trenton High School alumni  has announced a new scholarship  from Trenton High School class of 1987, as an initiative for the graduating class 2024.

Serving students in the tenth through twelfth grades from Trenton, in Mercer County, New Jersey, Trenton Central High School is a three-year comprehensive public high school component of the Trenton Public Schools.

In the National Rankings, Trenton High School is placed #4,721 overall. Schools are graded according to how effectively they prepare kids for college, how well they do on state-mandated tests, and how well they graduate. See how we determined the Best High Schools in our ranking.

About The Scholarships from Trenton High School Class of 1987

Starting in the autumn semester, this project will provide two $325 scholarships that can be used at any trade or technical institution. The purpose of the scholarships is to help students pay for their tuition, books, and other costs. The award recipients will transfer these one-time, non-renewable financial aids to the selected universities, subject to enrollment verification.

The annual THS Awards Night will serve as the formal announcement of the scholarship recipients. The THS Counselling Department now has access to the application forms for students who want to apply for these scholarships.

The submission window will close on April 1, 2024. If you wish to get further guidance and assistance in getting your a scholarship in US or Europe, feel free to contact our work and study abroad consultants.

Trenton Public Schools is dedicated to providing high-quality education across the district. Every school is in a peaceful suburban area with lots of green space.

With the state-of-the-art amenities include a natatorium, fitness centre, athletic stadium, cooking facilities, and modernized classrooms, Trenton High school is fullly ready to accommodate your learning needs.

The Trojan Cafe, Pit Stop, Media Centre, and Fitness Centre are among the favourite locations. They provide top-notch academic, athletic, and opportunity programmes.

varsity sports, AP courses, CTE programmes, and award-winning performing arts, such as jazz, concert, and symphonic bands.

The student-teacher ratio at the school as of the 2021–2022 academic year was 13.0:1, with 2,089 enrolled students and 160.7 classroom instructors (on an FTE basis). Of the students enrolled, 824 (or 39.4%) qualified for free lunch, and 18 (or 0.9% of the student body) qualified for reduced-price lunch.[1]

Student assessments of the research project, which focused on Trenton Central High School and attempted to avoid student obesity, were crucial in interpreting the findings.


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