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Six work and workplace trends to watch in 2024


The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos painted a vivid picture of a rapidly evolving work landscape. From the impact of AI to the rise of digital jobs, experts shared insights on what lies ahead in 2024 and beyond. Here are six key workplace trends to watch in 2024: 

1. Generative AI Boosts Productivity (Unevenly)

While most chief economists surveyed by the Forum believe generative AI will drive workplace trends to watch in 2024, boosting productivity and innovation in high-income countries, this impact is expected to be less pronounced in low-income economies. Knowledge-heavy sectors like IT, finance, and healthcare stand to benefit the most, with potential concerns about automation and job displacement lingering.

2. Digital Jobs Boom Continues

The number of global digital jobs is predicted to climb to a staggering 92 million by 2030, offering higher-paid opportunities, according to the Forum’s “The Rise of Digital Jobs” report. These roles could help address skill shortages in developed nations and create pathways for young talent in developing economies, promoting a more balanced and inclusive global workforce.

3. Unemployment Looms, Reskilling is Key

Despite a resilient labor market in 2023, the International Labour Organization (ILO) projects a potential rise in the global unemployment rate from 5.1% to 5.2% in 2024. While the US job market remained robust, with inequalities persisting between low- and high-income countries. Experts emphasize the crucial role of reskilling, upskilling, and lifelong learning in navigating this transition and mitigating the impact of AI on jobs.

4. Pop-Up Offices Emerge to Bridge the Gap

LinkedIn data reveals a decline in fully remote job postings, suggesting a shift towards hybrid work models. While employee interest in remote and hybrid options remains high, companies face the challenge of competing with the allure of home offices. This is spurring innovation, with workplace trends to watch in 2024 including the rise of pop-up offices – community workspaces closer to home, offering a social alternative to remote work and attracting younger talent seeking human connection.

5. Skills Become the Ultimate Currency

With 23% of jobs likely to transform within the next five years, millions will need to transition between declining and emerging roles. The workplace trends to watch in 2024 highlight the growing importance of skills. Leaders at Davos discussed the transferability of skills, the potential of AI-powered personalized learning, and the crucial need to equip everyone, especially young people, with the ability to leverage AI and digital technologies.

6. More Women Join the Workforce, Closing the Gap

Unlocking the potential of women in the workforce could yield a global economic “gender dividend” of $172 trillion, according to the World Bank. Despite progress, the Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023 reveals that the Economic Participation and Opportunity gap remains significant. Davos sessions explored how inclusion, particularly initiatives supporting mothers’ return to work, can address skill gaps and benefit the economy.

These workplace trends to watch in 2024 paint a dynamic picture of a future shaped by technology, skills, and the need for inclusive solutions. As organizations navigate this evolving landscape, embracing lifelong learning, fostering human connection, and prioritizing talent development will be key to success in the years ahead.

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