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The Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau Scholarship


The Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau scholarship is now available and is giving two $2,000 scholarships for the 2024-25 academic year. The scholarships will be granted to high school graduates who want to study an agricultural-related subject at an Oregon college, university, or community college.

The scholarship will be awarded to high school seniors who intend to pursue a degree in an area linked to agriculture at a college, university, or community college in the state of Oregon. Current college students in Oregon studying in an area related to agriculture are also eligible for this opportunity

About The Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau scholarship

Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau has broadened its scholarship requirements to include students of Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau voting and supporting members attending an Oregon College, university, or community college in their chosen field during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Tips On The Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau scholarship Applications

1. Only Curry County students are eligible for the Curry County Farm & Livestock Bureau Scholarship.
2. Students studying in agriculture or family and consumer sciences or attending vocational schools with a focus on agriculture will be given preference.
3. A Curry County Farm Bureau family and a student enrolled in a New Mexico institution or trade school would receive preference.
4. The Curry County Farm Bureau Board will choose the amount of the award.
5. A student who is enrolled in college or a trade school may be eligible to receive this grant. First-time applications will be given preference, although past applicants will still be taken into consideration.
6. When giving out this scholarship, other financial help and needs will be taken into account.
7. The Curry County Farm and Livestock Board of Directors shall have final say over all matters pertaining to the scholarship or candidates.
8. The following criteria should be considered while choosing the recipient:
a. Students whose parents are Farm Bureau members will be given precedence over other equally eligible applicants.
b. Students must submit a formal application to the Farm Bureau Board in order to be considered.
c. In order to decide the beneficiary, the scholarship committee may request in-person interviews.
d. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the applicant:
i. Academic aptitude
ii. Need for Money
9. Applications must be submitted using the form that is attached. The applicant will be informed if the board decides to schedule an interview.
10. The deadline for applications is May 6, 2022.

Applications should be sent completed to [email protected].

Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau scholarship Deadline

Two scholarships at $1,500 each are being made available by the Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau for the school year 2022-2023.

Deadline: April 1, 2022 It is worth $1,500.

Scholarships are available at their official website.

Financial necessity is not the primary foundation for choosing but is a component in the selection process. Academic proficiency, agriculture achievement in F.F.A. or 4-H, and engagement in school and community activities are fundamental requirements reviewed by the Coos-Curry County Farm Bureau Scholarship Committee.

Current Oregon college students majoring in an agriculture-related degree are also eligible. 


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