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Application For The IndieReader Discovery Awards For The 2021 session -Apply Now


IndieReader Discovery Awards 2021

  • Awarding Body/organizer: IndieReader
  • Deadline: 15th-02-2021
  • Application entry fee: $150 (per title)

The applications are open for all applicants for the IndieReader discovery award for the 2021 session with an admittance fee stipend of $150 for each title, consisting of the first division. For additional category entered will cost you a $50 stipend

Eligibility Requirements 

Eligible Countries/ Regions: applications are open to all

Gender Restrictions: No gender restrictions

Age Restrictions: No age restrictions 

General Eligibility Requirements 

Applicants are all expected to

  • Submit three copies each for every title for the first entered category
  • Submit one copy for each additional category entered
  • Submit only one copy if you upload a sharable ebook file through the admittance form( after purchase) such as Mobi or epub.

Scholarship Value 

for the top 2 ranking winners basically on the first place in fiction and nonfiction will

  • Get a cash price of $500
  • Receive a consultation session $499 per session with a publicist for an hour from smith’s publicity
  • Be given a custom author website
  • Have a hosting and management of $1,347 from featherlight for an annum

For the top 6 rankings, three fiction and three nonfiction winners will

  • Be granted $250 as cash price
  • Be rewarded with a print and ebook title setup of $49 with market access from IngramSpark
  • Be granted a proficient IndieReader $250-$275 per review
  •  Be rewarded the first glance consideration that is priceless with an eye to representation from Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret Literary Management

Application Instructions 

to participate

  • Applications for the award can either be self-published or pubbed by an independent publisher
  • Books must come up with a legally binding ISBN or ASIN number
  • Applicants should note Pub updates have no restrictions
  • Applicants can submit both ebooks and paper books

How to apply

  • the application are categorized into two the fiction and nonfiction with 40+groupings
  • can enter your book in more than grouping but will cost you an additional fee of $50 each
  • on applying, you are expected to submit 3copies of your book no matter how many categories you enter. Eligibility to those who have gifted a book via Amazon or another service
  • print out an online registration slip at the end of the online admission process and send it along with your book.
  • Applicants should include the entry form after completing the form in the same package as your book
  • To get started, go to the signup page

 For the official website, please click here

For more information, click here

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