Monday, April 22, 2024

The Joe Biden Immigration Landslide: What To Know


The cause of the Joe Biden Immigration landslide was not because of the armed gangs infiltrating our nation or the tens of thousands of people pouring across our border illegally, but with the governor of Texas, who is attempting to shield his people from the wild mob, as the nation explodes over the horrors at the southern border.

The Supreme Court has granted the White House permission to remove the razor wire barriers. Governor Greg Abbott has ordered individuals to be barricaded from entering between authorized ports.

The White House has often used the same worn-out excuse for the steadily rising number of immigrants arriving in American cities and towns: the issue would have been resolved if only Republicans in Congress had taken action on Biden’s immigration proposal.

What To Know About The Joe Biden Immigration Landslide

The U.S. Citizenship Act gets its name because it focuses on pathways to citizenship and amnesty. Not much is done to stop illegal immigration. It would probably increase rather than decrease the number of immigrants entering the southern border, much like the majority of Democratic immigration plans.

Immigration was the top concern for Republican voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, surpassing economic concerns. Donald Trump was the clear favourite in both states, which is unsurprising. The former president made border security his main campaign promise in 2016; having fulfilled it, he will undoubtedly bring up the subject again in 2024. Recall that Trump’s immigrants and work visa restrictions extended to biden’s presidency.

It has taken a toll due to the White House’s spin on this legislation and persistent criticism of the GOP Congress. In that CBS poll, 68 per cent of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s “handling matters concerning the U.S.-Mexico border.” In comparison, 65 per cent stated they disapprove of the crisis’s management by “Republicans in Congress.”

The ire of Americans over the 8 million illegal border crossings that have been permitted during the Biden administration has been greatly misjudged by Biden and his campaign team. Seventy per cent of respondents to a recent CBS poll said they disapproved of how Biden handled immigration. Furthermore, 63% of respondents believe the administration should be stricter with people who cross the border.

On his first day in office, Biden suggested the U.S. Citizenship Act, formally introduced in the House and Senate the following month. The bill was never put to a vote, even though Democrats were in charge of the Senate and the House at the time. That is the extent to which Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others fought for the legislation. Two years later, when the GOP took control of the House, it was killed.



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