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Sand Beaches In Africa: 12 Places With The Most Beautiful Seashores


The African landmass offers around 30,500 kilometers of coastline and, with it, a multitudinous cluster of stupendous seashores and Sand beaches. With such countless potential locations to consider, picking where to go on your African seashore get-away can be troublesome.

Alternatives range from South Africa’s Wild Coast’s rough quality to the heavenly islands of the Seychelles and Mauritius. In this rundown of our best 12 seashores and sand beaches, objections scarcely start to expose what’s underneath. It’s a decent spot to begin the excursion arranging measure.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

sand beaches
Mnemba Island Tanzania

Situated off Tanzania’s north bank, Mnemba is a private Indian Ocean island and part of the memorable Zanzibar Archipelago. The island offers the best sand beaches and also places for swimming and scuba-making plunge in Zanzibar. There are plentiful freedoms for whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and whale shark experiences in the island’s unmistakable, warm waters.

It’s likewise the ideal objective for a sentimental vacation or commemoration festivity. The lone convenience on the island is Mnemba Island Lodge, a selective assortment of 12 private seashore bands and sand beaches possessed by extravagance agencies. Every cabin has its own veranda and sits settled in the shade of the island’s rich tropical backwoods.

Bom Island, Príncipe

Bom Island Príncipe

Arranged off the bank of West Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, the island country of São Tomé and Príncipe is home to some genuinely fabulous seashores. Príncipe is the more modest of the two islands, with a populace of only 8,000 individuals. Two of the island’s best seashores and sand beaches are important for Bom Island Resort, an eco-accommodating convenience choice on Príncipe’s northern shore. Its bar and café are situated on a little islet, connected to the terrain by a long walkway.

The virgin woods of Príncipe are a birdwatcher’s heaven. Different exercises incorporate swimming, whale watching, remote ocean fishing, and looking out for the district’s settling turtles.

Best Time to Go: June to October​


Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Quirimbas Archipelago Mozambique

Imagine 32 immaculate coral islands washed by the glasslike waters of the Indian Ocean, and you’ll have a smart thought of the heaven that anticipates you in Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago. In 2002, 11 of the most southerly islands went under the Quirimbas National Park’s assurance, set up to secure the locale’s great natural life. To see the area at its most delightful, you’ll need to go submerged, where flourishing reefs give the chance to plunge or snorkel with Napoleon wrasse, dolphins, whitetip reef sharks, and a horde of bright exotic fish species.

Ibo Island likewise holds some social interest because of a progression of remains that date back to the country’s Portuguese pilgrim past, while eateries across the archipelago have practical experience in neighborhood cooking.

La Digue, Seychelles

sand beaches
La Digue Seychelles

For some time, the Seychelles archipelago has been one of the world’s most sentimental objections, and its seashores regularly include in worldwide Top 10 records. One of the island country’s most famous seashores is Anse Source D’Argent, situated on La Digue’s island.

This stretch of pure white sand is maybe the model heaven seashore, with sensational rocks, shallow turquoise waters, and delicately bending palm trees, there is little reason why this shouldn’t be on our list of beautiful sand beaches. It’s an incredible spot to absorb the daylight or go swimming, even though its ideal magnificence likewise makes it a famous stop for visiting joyriders. On the off chance that you’d preferably keep away from the groups, head to the more elite seashores on distant Desroches, Denis, or Fregate islands.

Best Time to Go: April to May or October to November

Ideal For: Everyone

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Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Lamu Archipelago Kenya

Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is an assortment of islands situated off the shore of Kenya north of Mombasa. Shela Village’s seashores on the principal island offer the quintessential Indian Ocean fixings: fine white sands, brilliant swimming, and clear blue waters. Established by the Swahili individuals almost 700 years back, Lamu Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and probably the most seasoned settlement. Its tranquil, tight roads are entrancing to investigate. There are no vehicles accessible for guests on the island upgrades the feeling of venturing back as expected. To see a greater amount of the archipelago’s mysterious seashores, book an island-bouncing voyage on a conventional dhow.

Best Time to Go: November to March

Ideal For: Families, spending voyagers, couples

Trou-aux-Biches, Mauritius

Mauritius “Trou aux Biches”

Arranged off Madagascar’s east shoreline, Mauritius is another Indian Ocean archipelago with unlimited freedoms for beachfront unwinding. One of the nation’s best seashores is situated on the primary island, close to the unassuming community of Trou-aux-Biches. A mile-extended length of fine sand, the town’s public seashore flaunts quiet, family-accommodating waters. Its west coast area implies that it is to a great extent protected from the climate during the stormy season, while neighborhood eateries serve food that mirrors Mauritius’ multicultural legacy. Watersports keep kids and grown-ups engaged, and the southern finish of the seashore offers a scope of convenience alternatives to suit all spending plans.

Best Time to Go: September to December and April to May

Ideal For: Families

Port St. Johns, South Africa

Port St Johns South Africa

South Africa has very nearly 2,798 kilometers of coastline, and a lot of it is remarkably wonderful. The Wild Coast or Transkei area consolidates stunning views with a surprising exhibit of bold exercises. Port St. Johns, the dynamic settlement known as the doorway to the Wild Coast, is a distinct beginning stage. Investigate the lovely chasm cut out by the Umzimvubu River and the segregated seashores that loosen up on one or the other side of the waterway mouth. The area’s solid Pondo culture is another feature, and crowds of neighborhood cows are frequently seen appreciating the sea shore view.

Best Time to Go: November to February

Ideal For: Families, travelers

Likoma Island, Malawi

Likoma Island Malawi

For a novel sea shore get-away, think about an excursion to Lake Malawi. It’s the third biggest lake in Africa, and its unmistakable waters and brilliant seashores are suggestive of the coast, besides with new water. Likoma Island is situated inside the Mozambican line; however, it actually has a place with Malawi. It has a few dazzling seashores and a rich eco-accommodating hotel, Kaya Mawa. Then again, Mango Drift Backpackers offers an incredible spending convenience alternative. Likoma is quiet, with only a couple of vehicles on the island. You can walk inland to see the towns and the island’s church, or you can kayak, snorkel, or swim in the lake’s reviving waters.

Best Time to Go: Year-round

Useful For: Everyone

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Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar

Île Madagasca “Sainte Marie”

Île Sainte-Marie lies simply off the shore of eastern Madagascar, and until a couple of years back, your gear would have been moved from the small air terminal to your lodging on a handcart. This tropical heaven flaunts daylight the entire year, amazingly warm waters, and wonderful white sand beaches and seashores bordered with palm trees.

The island was a mainstream shelter for privateers during the seventeenth century, and there’s a privateer graveyard close to the fundamental town. You can see humpback whales in season (July to September) and jump among exquisite coral nurseries. Stay at upscale eco-resort Princesse Bora; look into mid-range Baboo Village or set aside cash at agreeable 2-star choice Vanivola.

Best Time to Go: July to September​

Ideal For: Couples, nature sweethearts

Curralinho Beach, Cape Verde

Curralinho Beach Cape Verde

Situated off Senegal’s bank, Cape Verde contains 10 volcanic islands favored with wild, untamed seashores. The islands’ entirety is saturated with an unmistakable Brazilian flavor because of the country’s Portuguese legacy. While most guests come to appreciate the seashores, it’s the heavenly food, daylight, and morna music that brings them back each year. One of Cape Verde’s best seashores is, without a doubt, Curralinho Beach, situated on the island of Boa Vista. The sea is warm, the ebb and flow are insignificant, the plunging is fabulous, and the waves are ideal for surfing. There are a few convenient decisions on the island, including a couple of comprehensive retreats.

Best Time to Go: April to July

Ideal For: Families, surfers

Skeleton Coast, Angola

Skeleton Coast Angola

Have you tried going to an isolated heaven coast? Namibia’s skeleton coast is the answer. North of Swakopmund, the sand beaches boast untapped beauty. It spreads for about 301 miles reaching Angola. What is usually found there are layers that in spaces of turbid waters. Although sunbathing is not possible. You will always notice Cape fur places, and also elephants specially made up for deserts. If you have heard of Edward Bohlen, you understand that his ship would be s perfect photograph substance.

Best Time to Go: October to March

Ideal For: Adventurers, nature lovers

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

I don’t know what you have heard of Cape Town. However, you will enjoy the eatery, way of life, and some of the world’s awesome beaches. But note for every individual there is a beach special exhuding his wants, ranging from penguins, surf, waves, seals, and camps.

Best Time to Go: Year-round

Ideal For: Everyone

These 12 places are the most beautiful sand beaches in Africa. And the next time you are in Africa. Visit one of them, and you would never feel lower again.

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