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The National Recognition Scholarship Offered by UA to New Students


The U.A. National Recognition Scholarship is a new competitive award designed to honor the proven accomplishments of future legends who will uphold the U.A. heritage of excellence. It is open to all first-time freshmen who satisfy the January 15 priority deadline.  

Applications for the Summer and Fall Semesters of 2024 should be submitted by January 15, 2024, with any necessary supporting documentation. Also, here are 20 scholarships for international students expiring dec 2024

About the National Recognition Scholarship by UA

Based on the academic and non-academic data they provide on their admissions application, students will be assessed holistically. Academic honors and high school G.P.A. will be considered as educational components.

Experience in leadership, voluntary work, extracurricular pursuits, employment, and non-academic honors are examples of non-academic elements.

We will prioritize students with a track record of academic performance, particularly those who have achieved national distinction in their desired field of study or career while still in high school.

What the National Recognition Scholarship by UA Offers

Value of tuition for students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or law degrees for a maximum of four years or eight semesters.

Additional scholarship of $1,000 annually for four years (equivalent to eight semesters).

The Competitive Admissions schedule will evaluate students:

First Round: Students who apply by October 15 and submit all required documentation will be notified in mid-December.

Second Round: Students who apply and turn in all required paperwork by November 30 will be admitted in early February.

Third Round: beginning in early March for those who sent in all necessary paperwork by January 15. Only the notifications for admissions to the summer and fall semesters 2024 are included. It is pretty unusual for students admitted by an earlier date to be notified later since several variables determine their competitive reward.

Your scholarship application will advance to the third round. Round for additional consideration if you have yet to be notified of a qualifying round. Notifications for Spring Semester 2024 will all be sent out around the middle of December.

You must submit your admissions application and all necessary supporting documentation by November 1 if you plan to enroll in the spring. Access to the Freshman Supplemental Scholarship Application will not be granted to spring admissions. 

Can you edit your scholarship application after it has been submitted?

No. You cannot make changes to your application once it has been submitted. 

How many times will the U.A. Competitive Admissions Scholarships be announced early?

Two early notification rounds are planned. They are scheduled for publication in early February and mid-December. Consolidated Scholarship Offer Letters will be made available with all other competitive scholarship applications in early March, marking the occasion of the third and final Round of applications.

To whom will the U.A. Competitive Admissions Scholarship be awarded early?

Students will be able to receive early notification of the U.A. Competitive Admissions Scholarship, both with and without a test score.

Will I be rolled into a subsequent notification round if I don’t receive early notice for a U.A. Competitive Admissions Scholarship in the relevant Round for my admission and supporting paperwork submission date?

Indeed. Students frequently get a follow-up message after submitting their admissions application and accompanying materials ahead of schedule. 

If a student turns in the necessary paperwork before the deadline and doesn’t get a response in the appropriate row



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